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Soft Apple Ice Cream

Written by Isabelle Giroux ND on . Posted in Blog, Recipes

I love to create an on-the-spot yummy treat that everyone can enjoy, that fits great with the theme of a meal and that stays true to all my healthy criterias. Since it was Thanksgiving this weekend, I wanted a special desert that would fit with our gluten-free vegan meal, still respect what I consider a to be a Thanksgiving desert and be ready in a jiffy. This is what I came up with…


Our special version of Apple Ice Cream.



All you need are these three ingredients; apples, agave nectar and cinnamon (preferably organic).

Here is the recipe:

1- Peel, core and cut one apple per person.
2- Lay out the apple quarters on a cookie sheet and freeze over night.
3- When you are ready to serve your desert, pull out your apple quarters and process them through your juicer. No juice will come out, but you will create a soft-textured apple ice cream. Yummy!
4- Spoon a small quantity into a fancy cup, top with a touch of agave nectar and cinnamon and Voila!

Although this recipe doesn’t really follow proper food combinations (because it is fruit after a meal), I really love it! Instead of serving it immediately after the starch-filled meal, consider offer it an hour or so after your last service. It will leave you and your guests feeling great and without worry of bloating.  All foods should always taste great and be healing!

Love & Light!

How to Make a Holiday Healing

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Holidays can be a great opportunity to reconnect with friends and loved ones and even to recreate harmony within yourselves. They often gives us that extra time that we sometimes don’t have during our activity-filled lives. However, for some, holidays are a reminder of better days or things lost. Whatever your memories are of a specific holiday, you can heal some old wounds by following some basic guidelines:

1- Take some extra time to rest up. Busy lives often leaves tired and depleted of emotional strength. Extra rest will give you what you need to tackle those hard-hitting emotional moments.

2- Plan some special healing moments, activities or outings for yourself. Enjoying long-awaited, sought after moments are often seen and felt like a reward and when experienced, will leave you feeling happy, uplifted and energized.

3-Create a sense of gratitude within yourself. The best and fastest way to feel free, whole and love again is to remember what you already have that is great in your life and how grateful you are for it.

A holiday is very much like any other day. Stay mindful about your thoughts and commit to feelings of love and happiness. Let the power of gratitude fill your day and your Spirit and you may actually start noticing that a past holiday that use to create pain for you, is now a wonderful and healing moment.

Love & Light!




Your Healing Mentor

Written by Isabelle Giroux ND on . Posted in Blog, Life Coaching

Welcome to my Spot… where hopefully my Spot becomes your Spot!!

As far back as I can recall, I have loved inspiring & supporting people around me.  Because I believe in health and happiness, because I think everyone has the right to a great life and that everything is possible, because I believe that we are all connected and because I feel we all share, at a certain level, the same desires and the same fears, it is clear in my mind, heart and Spirit that reaching out to you is the right thing to do!

Believe in yourself and that health & happiness is your birthright!  

Love & Light,

Isabelle xoxo 



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