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The Lukewarm Salad

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One of the things I love best about this time of year are all the root vegetables that are highly available and so delicious! It’s not always easy to eat fresh, vegan and gluten-free and have something that warms up the body on these colder days.

At our house, salads have always been popular. I don’t particularly like eating them during the colder months, but since my son loves them so much, I decided to heat it up a bit!

Here was our delicious “Lukewarm” salad. Some of the vegetables in here were raw, while others were semi-cooked. By only slightly cooking the vegetables, we get to retain most of their nutrients and because some veggies were semi-cooked, it warmed up the dish making it feel nice and cozy as well as delicious.

This meal took me about 20 minutes to make and I served it with organic baked potatoes…just because I love potatoes so much!

To make this “Lukewarm” salad, you will need:

1/2 a Napa cabbage
1/2 cup Butternut squash
3 small Red beets
1 Avocado
3/4 brick Smoked tofu
2 cloves Garlic
15 ml Olive and 30 ml (or to taste) sunfour oil
15 ml Apple cider vinegar
15 ml Nutritional yeast
5 ml (or to taste) Herbal salt

1. I started by peeling and cutting the beets and cooking them for about 10 minutes. Once cooked, I shredded and added them to the salad bowl.
2. I shredded a quarter of my butternut squash and cooked it for about one minute in olive oil and garlic. I also added it to the salad mix.

3. I cut the organic smoked tofu into small pieces and fried it up for about 4-5 minutes in the leftover olive oil in the pan from the shredded squash.
4. I cut my napa, tossed it in the bowl and added the dressing.

For the dressing I added 2 quantities of sunflower oil for 1 quantity of apple cider vinegar. I topped it all off with some Red Star nutritional yeast and herbal salt to taste.

All that is left to do is mix it all up and ENJOY!!

Love & Light

Be Your Best

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You, the physical being that you are is the vessel. Realize and honour your higher #purpose which stems and IS: #Love, #Health, #Kindness, Joy, Sharing, #Wealth and #Life.

Vous, l’être physique que vous êtes n’est que le navire. Comprenez et honorez votre but ultime qui est né et prend RACINE dans: Amour, Santé, Bonté, Joie, Partage, Abondance et Vie.


Heal Your Fears

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Daily Focus: CONFRONT your fears and replace it with joy. It takes courage to face fears and there is only room for one in your spirit: fear or joy. What are you choosing? /
AFFRONTEZ vos peurs and remplacez-les par la joie. Ça prend du courage pour face aux peurs et il n’y a que de la place pour un dans votre esprit: la peur ou la joie. Que choisissez-vous?


Kindness & Tolerance

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Daily Focus: Some days are good, some days are more challenging. BE Kind and Tolerant with yourself and others, keep at it, know there is always something good to be found in every situation and that everything is as it should be. /

Certains jours sont bons, d’autres sont plus exigeants. SOYEZ Doux et Tolérant avec vous-même et les autres, persistez, sachez qu’il y a toujours quelque chose de bien dans chaque situation et que tout est comme il devrait être.


BE Your Best

Written by Isabelle Giroux ND on . Posted in Blog, Inspiration

Daily Focus: Let today be the day that you choose to become in charge of your life. Take ownership of it and love yourself enough to create a better life. #BEYOURBEST /
Laissez aujourd’hui être le jour que vous choisissez d’être responsable de votre vie. Prenez-en la responsabilité et aimez-vous suffisamment pour créer une meilleure vie.



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