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Is Judgement Necessary

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While you focus on others, you are not creating a better version of yourself. Time is precious, use it wisely and know that you cannot recognize anything in another that you don’t posses yourself…

Lorsque vous vous concentrez sur autrui, vous ne créé pas une meilleure version de vous-même. Le temps est précieux, utilisez-le donc sagement et sachez que vous ne pouvez pas reconnaître quelque chose chez un individu si vous ne le possédez pas vous-même…


Wednesday’s Thank You

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I am so thankful for the choices I have made and continue to make concerning my son and his life! Today and everyday, know that you get to choose what your children are living or at least, how they are living it! Stay aware… Je suis reconnaissante des choix que j’ai faits et que je continue à faire concernant mon fils et sa vie! Aujourd’hui et tous les jours, sachez que vous avez l’opportunité de choisir ce que vos enfants vivent ou du moindre, comment ils le vivre. Rester à l’affût… image

Balance is Key

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With balance comes peace and with peace comes happiness. Today focus on bringing balance to all that you do.
Avec l’équilibre vient la paix et avec la paix vient la joie de vivre. Aujourd’hui, concentrez-vous a augmenter l’équilibre dans tout ce que vous faites.


Maintaining a Healthy pH Balance

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HEALTH TIP: At this time of the year, lots of people are turning to citrus as a source of vitamin C. With the lack of vitamin D from the sun and an unbalanced diet, some of these people are suffering from a very acidic pH level which is one of the main causes of illness and pains.

To balance out your blood pH level;

1- choose healthy organic foods instead of processed and fast foods

2- favour white meats instead of red

3- cut the sugar!!!

Here are two great recipes to get your system alkaline and it flush out. Take only ONE of these per day, before breakfast, on an empty stomach and use pure water that is heated on the stove: 8 oz of warm water with 30 ml of organic apple cider vinegar (to alkalize) or 8 oz of pure warm water with juice from 1/2 an organic lemon (to flush out the system).

Love & Light


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