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Prove The Love

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Today commit to giving yourself love in all that you say, think, see and feel about yourself. The love relationship starts with your Self!

Aujourd’hui, engagez-vous à vous donner de l’amour dans tout ce que vous dites, pensez, voyez et ressentez à propos de vous-même. La relation amoureuse débute avec Vous!


Wednesday’s Thank You

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Know and realize there is life and purpose inside of you. Take a moment to feel grateful for this gift of life you have been given.

Sachez et reconnaissez qu’il il y a un but et de la vie à l’intérieur de vous. Prenez le temps pour ressentir la reconnaissance pour ce cadeau qui est la vie.


Get Relaxed

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HEALTH TIP: Epsom salt baths seem to be making a big comeback these days. Please make sure that you are aware that Epsom salts are a muscle relaxer, and your heart is a muscle.

These baths are a wonderful way to detox and relax your body and your mind!  Simply add 1 cup of Epsom salt to your bath water.  Take care to use medium temperature water as not to decrease circulation in the body.  Essential oil of lavandar, rose or camomille can also be added.  

*Please keep in mind that for some individuals with low blood pressure, this would be ill advised.

Love & Light


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