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Got Iron?

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Have you been feeling tired? Over-emotional? Weak? Do you feel you have less physical strength than usual? Maybe you are bruising easily? These may be signs that your iron level is low. Lots of us are vegetarian and not fully aware of how and where to get our daily recommended dose of vitamins and mineral.

Although I do agree supplements are necessary, I am a little bit on the fence regarding iron ones. They can often call undesirables side-effects like constipation. So what can you do? There are great supplements on the market, but I much prefer to get my iron intake from plants and foods. Stinging Nettle is a great example of a medicinal plant packed with healthy and easy to assimilate iron.

Here are a few other suggestions on where you can get your daily iron.


Where do you get your daily iron? Please share your ideas in the comments below, we would love to hear from you!

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Week 7 – 11

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For the next few weeks I challenge you to get a new hobby that is associated with movement. It can be anything from painting, to singing, to dancing to learning how to play an instrument, to cooking to typing. The goal is to get your brain working while you are in motion. ‘There seems to be a connection between thinking great thoughts and doing something with your feet, mouth or body.’ Healthy minds and healthy bodies need movement!

Pour les prochaines semaines, je vous invite à découvrir un nouveau passe-temps associé au mouvement. Cela peut être d’apprendre à faire du dessin, à chanter, danser, un nouvel instrument, faire à manger, etc. Le but est de faire fonctionner votre cerveau pendant que vous êtes en mouvement. Il semble avoir un lien être penser des bonnes pensées et faire l’utilisation des pieds, bouche ou corps. Des têtes et corps en santé ont besoin de mouvements!

Wednesday’s Thank You

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I am so thankful for #FAITH and knowing the importance of a positive #mindset. Knowing you can means it’s halfway done. Add #action, #determination and #persistence and it will become a reality!

Je suis tellement reconnaissante pour la #FOI et connaître l’important d’une attitude positive. Savoir qu’on peut, représente un but presque accompli. Ajoute l’action, la détermination et la persévérance et cela sera bientôt une réalité!


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