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Week 45-49 / Semaines 45-49

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45-49: Climb a mountain. It is one of those activities that not only require you to be healthy and in shape, but it makes you feel humble and small when you look around and you’re at the highest point of the mountain. It allows you to put things back into perceptive. It also reminds you that not only some things are possible, but that all things are possible if you commit and work at it!

Semaines 45-49: Escaladez une montagne. Ceci est une de ces activités qui vous demande non seulement d’être en forme et en santé, mais elle vous rappelle l’humilité de notre grandeur par rapport une la gigantesque montagne. Cela remet les choses en perspective. L’escalade vous rappelle aussi que tout est possible avec de l’engagement et de la persistance!

Ref: Success Magazine, Sally Deneen

Wednesday’s Thank you / Merci!

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Every single morning I get up and take a few moments to connect with Life and Self to give thanks for all my blessings. Some mornings I have a hard time connecting and I end up doing it mechanically. Other days, I feel it way down in my gut like I did this morning. Today, I am grateful for seeing past the emotions of the moment and sticking to what I know works…giving thanks! Being grateful is not only about giving thanks when we feel great, it is also about bringing it when we don’t.

So I encourage you to keep gratitude in your heart at all times. It pays off!!

Chaque matin je prends le temps pour me connecter à la Vie et à mon Être et remercier la Vie pour tout ce que j’ai. Certains matins j’éprouve plus de difficultés et je le fais machinalement. D’autres matins, je le ressens profondément dans mon intérieur, comme ce fut ce matin. Aujourd’hui, je suis reconnaissante de voir plus loin que l’émotion du moment et de persévérer dans cette voie. La reconnaissance n’est pas nécessaire seulement lorsque tout va bien, mais à tout moment de notre vie.

Je vous encourage de garder la reconnaissance dans votre cœur en tout temps, ça vaut le coût!

Day 3: 8 Day Fast/Cleanse Diary

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Day 3: We are now at day 3 and I am happy to say that I have met my “at minimum 3 days of fasting” goal. I was skeptical this morning when I woke up because I was a bit tired, but as soon as I started with my meditation, I felt better. So from this point onward, it is all gravy… no pun intended on that either!

So here is what I have noticed: my skin is just beautiful. I can absolutely tell that I have not eaten anything processed. It looks the same as when I go on a raw eating diet for several days. I love diversity and when I feel up to it, especially during the summer months, I love to have a real raw diet. During winter I usually do at least one raw meal a day, sometimes more. Then there are those days that are not so perfect, but I do my best to keep my overall health in mind at all times. Being Celiac and having a son with dietary restrictions as well, requires me to stay focused on what we eat at all times. So that being said, my skin is looking clean, light and without any blemishes. As for the rest of my body, 3 pounds have come off. I have not taken my measurements yet, and will only do that at the end as weight adjustment during a fast/cleanse is simply a bonus and not the focal point.

Other than the skin, my mind is very focused and I am able to keep on track with all my goals, aside the exercise program. Which, for the moment is fine as I wanted to make sure I could go for the long haul in this fast/cleanse. Sleep is good, but the “cleansing dreams” are back. For the longest time I was having dreams that were subconsciously asking me to “release” some parts of my Being and my past. I finally was able to do that and I had been having nightmare-free sleeps. Now, it seems like the nightmares are back. So, I have started anew with taking note of the dreams, giving them a title, analyzing them and facing the situations (thank you Kim for your help and support on this subject!).

I am still using the psyllium, lemonade, vitamins and minerals. I have decided not only to cut down (as I had done yesterday) on the clay, but to eliminate it altogether and replace it with some laxative plants. It would seem that the montmorillonite clay creates constipation. I have not had to deal with this for many years now. It is so very important to have regular bowel movement during a detox and/or cleanse. It is imperative that everything the body cleanses be eliminated. This means that all excretory organs must be working perfectly and harmoniously. I am lucky because I have access to a colonic machine in my clinic, but I much prefer to have my intestines working the way they should be, and this on a regular basis of about three times a day.

It can be done… tomorrow, pursuing my goal!

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Day 2: My 8 Day Fast/Cleanse Diary

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Day 2: I am now on day two of my cleanse. I am feeling very well, although I can tell the difference in participating in a cleanse during the warmer months as oppose to now (Nov.). I can more easily feel the cold and have a greater sense of cocooning. I have been doing cleanses since my first year of college when I was only 17. So we can safely say I have quite a bit of experience behind my belt, but it is important to know that all cleanses are felt and lived differently even if one is repeating the same protocol.

So why did I choose to do a cleanse now even if it is very late in the year? This is because I didn’t feel comfortable in my body and I have been through some major milestones and felt it was time to start a new chapter. Cleanses for me, have always been a way to get rid of the old and accept the new. And I can truly tell that my entire being is grateful for this ‘down’ time to recuperate, clean and repair. As I mentioned beforehand, I usually prefer to do cleanses in the spring. After all, it is when everything comes alive again, when our favorite detox plants (dandelions) come to life and when we as humans feel our energy level rise up. Don’t get me wrong, one can experience all these things pretty much at any time of the year, but for many different reasons, spring is THE best time.

So what am I doing to keep busy and my mind off food? The same as usual I guess. It is actually easier to focus on the fasting part of the cleanse then one might think. I have my special lemonade to keep me going, I have my psyllium and montmorillonite to help in the cleansing and detox portion. I also use my Detox herbal tea blend that you can find HERE. To that, I add my regular vitamins, minerals and health practice. Well, in all honesty because my goal is to have a longer cleanse, I am limiting my exercising. Last spring during my cleanse, I was able to do full out exercise sessions, but I was also focusing on doing a 4 day cleanse with a liver detox. This time, I am not sure I am going to go for a liver detox. It is demanding on the body and I am truly not certain to want to undertake that during these colder days.

For the moment, I am taking it one day at a time and we will see how it plays out. Staying open and allowing oneself to live a positive experience is what makes the entire difference in accomplishing a great cleanse.

See you tomorrow for more power of Fasting!

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My 8 Day Fast/Cleanse Diary

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Welcome to my 8 Day Fast/Cleanse Challenge. Get a day-to-day scoop of what I lived through, the reasons behind my decision and an actual account of each day and see if this challenge could be for you. For more information and/or set up an appointment, contact me directly at

Day 1: We are in early November and I have decided just a few days ago to embark on a fall cleanse. I usually keep my cleanses for spring when we start to see hotter days, when the sun shines longer and when all seems to come to life. I usually choose to do a small detox at this time of the year, but I have decided to change things up. The reason behind this decision is simple, I just couldn’t put my body through winter without taking care of some physical and mental issues. Cleanses are a great way to get clear on direction and goals and they certainly help in letting go of the old, unnecessary baggage.

At the end of the summer I found a huge bump in my breast. I was devastated, scared and so hurt! I knew it was my fault for not having let go of the extra unhealthy mind, heart and soul baggage I was carrying around. So I put ALL of it, all my know-how to work. I put my money where my mouth was.

Well to make a long painful story short, I am healthy and so incredibly grateful for it too!

I know firsthand how easy it is to let oneself fall into desperation. I remembered, ‘we are what we think and focus on’ and I LIVED by those words. I was lucky, I had already done so much personal growth work and I knew how to physical help my body.

You would think after getting the great news, I would feel extreme joy? Well I did, for a moment, but I also felt angry. I was angry that this had happened. I was angry that I now knew just how fragile life really was. I was angry there had been so many rough moments.

Well, like everything else, this too subsided. I started to feel grateful again, truly happy this time. I found a new perceptive on life, I knew I had been given an opportunity. This opportunity was there all along. We all have it, it’s just sometimes it is so far hidden, we cannot even tell that there is an opportunity and that it is ours.

I have decided to start a cleanse because I can! I want to rid my body and mind of the old, let it know how truly grateful I am for health, and I want to turn the page and start a brand new chapter in my life. Besides, I love to fast, and to do cleanses and detox. It always reminds me that I am in charge of my own decisions. Life takes care of life and we get to take care of our decisions.

See you tomorrow for Day 2!

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