VLOG – October 2016 Health Journal

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Hello Lovelies!

I’m so happy that you are here! I imagine that you are here because you have seen my VLOG. If you have not had the chance to see it yet, press HERE to listen to my video.

Following this video and as promised, here are some links:

For information on the FLIP YOUR LIFE Running Challenge, press HERE or copy / paste this address in your web browser.

To see my Etsy store of MALA BRACELETS, press HERE or copy / paste this address in your web browser.

To read the vegan / raw LOVE PEPPER recipe, press HERE or copy / paste this address in your web browser.

The HEALTH AND WELLNESS EXPO will be happening in Valleyfield this 15th & 16th of October. You can take advantage of this opportunity to come and visit me at booth 32 and assist my conference on Saturday, October 15 at 12:30: Mastering your State, Master of your Life (French only).  For more information on the Expo and/or to buy your online tickets, press HERE.

Here is my Radio Interview with Chantal Leduc (French Only)

We have two PROMOTIONS going on:
1- Loyalty Card, which offers you a 50% reduction on the price of a regular consultation / health service, after 10 visits.
2- Back to School, which ends October 14th, is a promotion that allows you to receive 50% off the second consultation* / health service when you AND a friend book an appointment.
*on one hour+ consultations only

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Dare! Decide! Do it!


VLOG – Journal Santé octobre 2016

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Bonjour Les Amours!

Je suis contente que vous soyez là! J’imagine que vous êtes ici suite au visionnement de mon VLOG. Si vous n’avez pas eu la chance de le voir, appuyez ICI pour écouter ma vidéo.

Suite à cette vidéo et tel que promis, voici les informations et les liens : Pour des informations sur le défi – FLIP YOUR LIFE running challenge, appuyez ICI ou copier / coller cette adresse dans votre navigateur Web.

Pour visionner mon site de BRACELETS MALA, appuyez ICI ou copier / coller cette adresse dans votre navigateur Web. Pour lire la recette crue, POIVRON D’AMOUR, appuyez ICI ou copier / coller cette adresse dans votre navigateur Web.

Le SALON SANTÉ ET MIEUX-ÊTRE aura lieu le 15 & 16 octobre à Valleyfield. Vous pouvez profiter de l’occasion pour venir me voir au kiosque 32 et venir assister à ma conférence : Maîtriser ses États, Maîtriser sa Vie à 12h30, le samedi 15 octobre. Pour plus de détails sur le Salon et/ou pour acheter vos billets en ligne, rendez-vous ICI.

Voici mon entretiens de radio avec Chantal Leduc:

Nous avons encore deux PROMOTIONS en vigueur :
1- Carte de Loyauté, qui vous donne droit à 50% de rabais sur le prix d’une consultation/soins après 10 visites.
2- Retour à L’École, promotion qui prend fin le 14 octobre vous permet de recevoir 50% de rabais sur la 2ième consultation/soin lorsque vous ET un(e) ami(e) réservé une consultation*/soin.
*sur consultation d’une heure ou plus

Assurez-vous de vous abonner à ma chaine YouTube pour recevoir une copie de toutes mes vidéos. Vous pouvez aussi me trouver sur tous les réseaux sociaux populaires.

Osez! Décidez! Faites-le!


Love Pepper / Poivron D’Amour

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I just love this easy, fast and oh so pretty meal! It is a great way to feed your body, mind and Spirit with fresh and healthy ingredients.


Prep time is 10 mins (plan soaking time: 30 mins)

1 red organic pepper
1/4 cup organic walnuts
1 dried tomato (soaked 30 mins or so)
A pinch of red onion (or to taste)
A pinch of Himalayan pink salt
A small zucchini
A salad of your choice

1. Soak the tomato for 30 minutes while getting the rest of the ingredients ready.
2. Cut 1/3 ofF the top of the pepper. Seed and add to a bowl. Seed the bottom half of the pepper and set aside.
3. Add the walnuts, dried tomato, salt and onion to the bowl.
4. Hand blend to a smooth pâté.
5. Add the pâté into the bottom half of the pepper.
6. Spiral the zucchini
7. Lay the pepper on the zucchini, add some Himalayan salt, add the salad to the plate and ENJOY!

Take pride in the prep work AND make double the time to enjoy the results!

Health, wellness coach and naturopath for determined individuals


J’adore ce repas si facile, vite et oh si joli! C’est une merveilleuse façon d’alimenter son corps, son cerveau et son Esprit avec des ingrédients frais et sains.

Temps de préparation: 10 minutes (planifiez 30 minutes de trempage)

1 poivron rouge
1/4 T de noix de Grenoble
1 tomate séchée (trempée environ 30 minutes)
Une pincée d’oignon rouge (ou au goût)
Une pincée de sel rose d’Himalaya
Un petit zucchini
Une salade de votre choix

1. Trempez la tomate pour 30 minutes lorsque vous préparez le restant des ingrédients.
2. Coupez 1/3 du sommet du poivron. Enlevez les graines et ajoutez à un bol. Videz le bas du poivron et mettre de côté pour le moment.
3. Ajoutez les noix, la tomate séchée, le sel et l’oignon au bol.
4. Mélangez le tout avec un mélangeur à main jusqu’à l’obtention d’un pâté lisse.
5. Ajoutez le pâté dans l’autre moitié du poivron.
6. Formez des spirales avec le zucchini.
7. Placez le poivron sur les spirales de zucchini, ajoutez un peu de sel rose et ajoutez la salade de votre choix.

Prenez de la fierté pour le travail préparatoire ET prenez le double du temps pour savourer les résultats!

Coach en Santé et Mieux-Être et Naturopathe pour des individus déterminés.

In Gratitude ❤

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In Gratitude ❤

In our daily quest for more, in our desire to move forward in our lives, we sometimes forget to give thanks for what we already have. It is in gratitude that we find our abundance, as it is when we give something away, do we feel it the most.

We may have goals to make more money, or reach our health weight or get that perfect job. We may want a cure for a health problem or to find a special mate to share our life with. Maybe we aim for peace of mind or clarity. No matter what it is we need, want or strive for, its path will become clear through gratitude.

There is always, always so much to be grateful for! And the real quest is to be given the tools, shown the way or enlightened to find the solutions. It is only through our own attempts, our own discoveries, our own accomplishments do we truly gain. Gain knowledge, gain peace, gain love, gain wealth and gain health. It is only then we become open to receiving more. It is also then that we feel the most gratitude, and in so doing, bring about “more” in our lives.

So I encourage you to give thanks for all that you already have, and in so doing, find peace, love, abundance, health and so much, much more. Thank you for my for my life, thank you for my health, thank you for my family, thank you for their health, thank you for my friends, thank you for their health, thank you for my clients and their health, thank you for….

What can you give thanks for right at this moment?

In love & Gratitude ❤



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Hello, Hello Lovelies!

I am constantly on the lookout for new ways to relax, live in the present moment and stay centered. When I find a new idea which gives positive results, I like to share it with my friends and my clients. Sometimes, it’s Life that decides to share something new with me, which then inspires me to share it with you.

As you possibly know, global health is more than simply physical health, it is a lifestyle. This is why at Centre Natural Healing, we work on several levels during consultation and coaching. One of the ways which help to maintain inner peace and live in the present moment, is with the practice of meditation. When we meditate on a regular basis, we will notice several changes in our life. Changes at a physical level, as well as an emotional one. Meditation allows a deeper connection with our true, authentic life’s purpose. To maintain this state of mind, I offer you a new collection of jewelry. They are mala bracelets, made with semi-precious stones for their curative properties and to help you practise your mantras (a condensed formula made up of a single syllable or by a series of syllables, repeated ceaselessly with a certain rhythm, in the exercise of meditation to bring inner peace and to enhance certain positive features). These mala bracelets are hand-made, while singing a specifically associated mantra as to intensify the properties of stones. You can choose your mala bracelet by letting the colors inspire you, its mantra or by the properties of stones. You decide!

Let yourself be guided and do not hesitate to contact me if you have questions. The store will be on-line soon. Here are a few PICTURES, untill the store is on line. It is also possible to ask for a custom-made bracelet.

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Love and Light,



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