Journal Santé sept 2015

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Coucou Les Amours!

Nous voilà déjà au début d’une nouvelle année scolaire et approchant la fin de l’été. En avez-vous profité pleinement? Êtes-vous bien reposé, plein de vitamines D et prêtes à atteindre de nouveaux buts?

Personnellement, j’ai beaucoup apprécié l’été. Les jardins nous ont offert une abondance de beaux légumes, fruits et herbes. Et nous en avons profité pour faire du camping, voyager, faire du vélo, beaucoup de baseball et installer une piscine! J’ai aimé toutes les journées ensoleillées qui étaient plus froides, et l’eau fraîche toutes les journées très chaudes! De notre côté, nous avons fait le plein de vitamine D et sommes prêts à relever de nouveaux défis.

Quoi de neuf cet automne?

Nous avons les CAPSULES SANTÉ D’ISA. Une brève vidéo qui vous offre de l’information sur divers sujets reliés la santé.

De plus, nous offrirons d’autres cours et ateliers : L’ALIMENTION CRUE, LA MÉDITATION, LA SANTÉ/ÉQUILIBRE/MIEUX-ÊTRE (S.E.M.) et un nouveau cours, DÉFI-SANTÉ. Dans ce cours de 10 semaines, nous aurons à relever un nouveau défi qui touche la santé globale à chaque semaine.

Assurez-vous de donner votre nom et préférence/disponibilité pour les heures et dates de cours qui vous intéressent le plus rapidement possible car les places sont limitées. Les cours débuteront dans la semaine du 21 SEPTEMBRE. Il y a possibilité d’avoir des cours le jour ainsi que le soir et nous attendons vos confirmations avant de fixer une date finale pour les cours.

Finalement, si ce n’est pas déjà fait, abonnez-vous à notre BLOG et INFO-LETTRE pour vous assurer de recevoir directement à votre boîte de réception, tous mes nouvelles, conseils et astuces santé & mieux-être!

Bonne santé et à bientôt!

Isabelle xoxo

Day 2: My 8 Day Fast/Cleanse Diary

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Day 2: I am now on day two of my cleanse. I am feeling very well, although I can tell the difference in participating in a cleanse during the warmer months as oppose to now (Nov.). I can more easily feel the cold and have a greater sense of cocooning. I have been doing cleanses since my first year of college when I was only 17. So we can safely say I have quite a bit of experience behind my belt, but it is important to know that all cleanses are felt and lived differently even if one is repeating the same protocol.

So why did I choose to do a cleanse now even if it is very late in the year? This is because I didn’t feel comfortable in my body and I have been through some major milestones and felt it was time to start a new chapter. Cleanses for me, have always been a way to get rid of the old and accept the new. And I can truly tell that my entire being is grateful for this ‘down’ time to recuperate, clean and repair. As I mentioned beforehand, I usually prefer to do cleanses in the spring. After all, it is when everything comes alive again, when our favorite detox plants (dandelions) come to life and when we as humans feel our energy level rise up. Don’t get me wrong, one can experience all these things pretty much at any time of the year, but for many different reasons, spring is THE best time.

So what am I doing to keep busy and my mind off food? The same as usual I guess. It is actually easier to focus on the fasting part of the cleanse then one might think. I have my special lemonade to keep me going, I have my psyllium and montmorillonite to help in the cleansing and detox portion. I also use my Detox herbal tea blend that you can find HERE. To that, I add my regular vitamins, minerals and health practice. Well, in all honesty because my goal is to have a longer cleanse, I am limiting my exercising. Last spring during my cleanse, I was able to do full out exercise sessions, but I was also focusing on doing a 4 day cleanse with a liver detox. This time, I am not sure I am going to go for a liver detox. It is demanding on the body and I am truly not certain to want to undertake that during these colder days.

For the moment, I am taking it one day at a time and we will see how it plays out. Staying open and allowing oneself to live a positive experience is what makes the entire difference in accomplishing a great cleanse.

See you tomorrow for more power of Fasting!

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September 2014 Natural Healing Journal

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Can you believe we are already in September? Time flies when we are living a great life, n’est-ce pas?

I do hope you have had a wonderful and beautiful summer. On our end, we very much enjoyed the hot days, when they where around, the full gardens which are still continuing to offer us perfect veggies and medicinal plants and a slower pace. I would even go as far as to say that the summer has changed me. I am a new person, who has recently recognized that fear that was hiding behind a need to be very busy, overly busy!

It is said that over-indulging in anything masks some kind of lack that we may be feeling. In all honesty, I agree! I was over compensating to numb my insecurities of making it on my own, of not being enough. Once I took notice that my need to be so busy was rooted in my need for self-worth, the healing began. Don’t get me wrong, I still love to be busy, have lots of fun projects going on at the same time and enjoy my life fully, but the motivation behind it all has changed. I don’t feel a need to please or a need to prove. I have changed that for a fulfilling sense of contentment.

How about you, do you over work, over exercise, over party? Do you ‘over-do’ things? Have you ever taken the time to see if it could possibly be masking a deeper feeling? Or do you feel balanced, in-sync with your life?

I guess in the end, it is all about knowing who you truly are and what you truly wish to live on a daily basis in your life. September is a great month to focus on your goals and to make sure they are pointing in the right direction. If setting new goals or bringing new urgency to your already existing ones is a priority and you wish to get some assistance with that, it will be my pleasure to serve you. You can contact me at (514) 893-1920 or via email at

Week 32: Watch a TV show in another language. It is a great way to broaden your knowledge of other cultures. Of course you want to do this when you feel calm and open. It is a wonderful and simple way to enjoy the brain-building it will foster.
Personally, I love to watch foreign movies and even better if they have sub-titles, but that could just be me!

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: I am so proud and excited to announce that we have several new classes being offered this year. We have a total of 4 different classes on meditation and wellness as well as many conferences/workshops on Raw Eating. More classes and workshops will be added regularly so make sure you stop by often to check out what we are up to. You can always access this information by pressing the SERVICE button on our site HERE. You can also find all the details to these in the Natural Healing Journal, so if you are not signed up for it yet, make sure you do that.  You can subscribe by entering your name address on the right hand side of any page of the website.

Registration is now on for our Courses and Conferences. We would love to have you join us. You can register for all the classes in one series or opt for the drop-in option. Classes are held on Wednesday evenings at different times. For extra information or to book an appointment for a Health Service, you can reach me at (514) 893-1920 or

With love & light,

Isabelle xoxox

Day 1 and 2 of Fasting

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Do you do cleanses or fasts? If you are into a healthy lifestyle then knowing about detox can be a plus.


Yesterday I did Day 1 of my fast. I have been doing these for about 20 years now, so fasting and cleanses are nothing new. What is new is the the experience I live each and every time. I find detox to be very much like everyday life; each one similar but with some small extraordinary differences. Each fast has been unique in its own. Some have been very physical, where I was so tired and could feel every organ of my body detoxing. Others where more emotional and spiritual. I felt it more in my Soul and in my emotions then in my body. Don’t get me wrong, each one has a physical impact and the goal each and every time is to purify the body, rid it of it’s toxins and feel rejuvenated. Plus the perks are pretty nice too (weight loss and extra energy).

Fasting is serious business and so is cleansing. I would only recommend them with the supervision of a health care professional. Besides, it’s really nice to make the best of this time; get as much cleaned and cleared out and have that extra support. This, you can only get with supervised care.

When I fast, I always supplement with herbal remedies, a cleansing lemonade (which I like to call it) and some extra health services like colonics. I usually also add in a liver cleanse and blood cleanse. If I am going to fast, I am going to get the whole deal!

So yesterday, I started it with a bang! When I went down to the clinic to get my cayenne tincture (I also make these products), the top of the jar was not fasten properly and my entire 1 liter of cayenne extract came crashing to the floor, not to mention everywhere on me and on the clinic furniture. I can assure you that this kind of tincture burns, so in a flash, the wet close come off and the cleaning began. All my products are made in 8% apple cider vinaiger so the smell of the tincture was strong! Both my son and I had little red eyes! Fortunately I was able to save about half a cup of the tincture, just enough for my special ‘lemonade’.

The rest of the day was pretty eventless. I was able to workout as planned (doing week 5 of T25) and participate in all my normal activities. I even set some time aside to cook my son a special meal and to have playtime together. No need for both of us not to enjoy great food. Mind you, I have not always been able to do this because being around food when you are fasting is tough.

Now today Day 2, I am still feeling really great. No fight with any tincture and more R & R time with my son made all of it great. I was able to workout and do my usual routine plus I have no desire for food, which is great. I have found that eating, especially over eating is a very emotional thing. When someone chooses to fast, they do it for health reasons and this will help in reducing the need for food. Luckily, my stomach is pretty much always full. It has the herbal remedies as well as the ‘lemonade’.
A bonus, I have taken off 4 pounds and I am feeling wonderful.

Tonight I am trying a new liver cleanse. I am a bit nervous because I know these cleanses can be tough. My usual one is tough, and now I am tripling the concentration of olive oil and adding a few more ingredients and medicinal plants. I know that it will all be good, but I am still anxious for it. One of my great friends said to me, ‘If it scares you, you need to do it’. So this is following your on her advise!

I will keep you posted on the outcome!

For a live or web consultation, please contact Isabelle at

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May 2014 Natural Healing Journal

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We are just about half way through 2014, and I am loving this year so far! I wouldn’t say it is anything major that has happened, it is just a bunch of smaller things coming together. It is the details left over from the big change that are falling into place. Now, if you are in this same place, you can relate and even share some happy thoughts with me. However, if you are at the edge of a big change or in the process of it, it may not be great or even close to being funny. What I am getting at though, is that everything has its season. Everything passes. Everything is cyclical: the good, the bad and the ugly! So if you presently find yourself in a valley, just remember that it will shift and you will soon find yourself climbing out of that valley. If you are walking on the mountain top, stay focused and be grateful for all your blessings so the Universe is clear on what you love and what is important to you.

On that same note, we are all faced with drama. I have heard many express how they are so done with drama. Remember the driving force behind drama is our emotions and behind emotions are beliefs. Beliefs are what create our every day reality. It is not the drama we need to focus on, but rather on our belief system if we wish to make any true and permanent changes in our lives. Drama can be great, especially when it is filled with love and laughter.

So how can you concretely create and live good drama, set your beliefs in line with what you truly desire to see manifest in your life and live the life you wish to lead?

Use this one tips and see your life start to transform itself: LIVE IN A STATE OF GRATITUDE!

I know, I know, you’ve heard it before and maybe you are thinking to yourself, “I have been!”. If you have been, and you are seeing results, regardless of what they are, BE GRATEFUL. Then, if you wish to tweek the results, along with holding gratitude in your heart, adjust your thoughts and words to reflect that gratitude at all times. If you are in a state of gratitude you will feel energetic, optimistic, happy, still, etc. When you are in such a state, you will attract it back to you. I am not saying that it is easy and I am not suggesting that it doesn’t require constant monitoring of your thoughts, but like everything else in life, practice makes perfect. And you can do this!

Mentors and coaches are a great help. I use them all the time. If you would like extra support on this please contact me directly at It will be my pleasure to serve you!

Week 16: Brush your teeth while standing on one leg. “It gets you to balance,” says SUCCESS contributing editor Mike Roizen, M.D., co-author with Mehmet Oz, M.D., of the best-selling YOU series of books. Doing this actually helps keep you focused and allows you to work your core muscles while doing a simple, daily task.
Ref: Success Magazine, Sally Deneen

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: I would like to take a moment to thank all our Meditation & Wellness participants! It was a real honour to sit and learn with you for the past 8 weeks. Thank you for sharing your time, your light and a part of yourself with us! To view a few pictures of our group, please follow this LINK.

Registration is now on for our Movement & Meditation Class. We would love to have you join us for one or for as many classes as you wish. Classes are held Wednesday evening from 7:15 PM to 8:15 PM and classes start on Wednesday, May 14th. Please follow the LINK for extra information and do call or email me to register for a class or set up an appointment; 514-893-1920 or

With love & light,

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