❄Happy December! ❄

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  ❄️Happy December!

I am so excited about everything Christmas this year! The Christmas baskets, the sharing, decorating the tree (ours is up already 😊 ). Not sure why, but I think it may have to do with Gratitude 🙏🏻

I feel truly grateful for my blessings and for all the lessons I was gifted to learn this year. Some moved me so far past my comfort zone, thought I would need a GPS to find my way back. 😉 But like it is said, we are always moving, either climbing or sliding. I am determined to climb, even if there is some sliding in there, the focus is on climbing.

And you, how has the year 2016 been treating you? Any goals you still wish to reach for this year? Need some support? Maybe some TLC and some health tips? As you support me, I support you ❤️

We still have our PROMOTION going on (energetic balancing & FIR pad therapy when you book a consultation or health service). We have GIFT BASKETS for any amount you wish with ORGANIC, MEDICINAL & COSMETIC PRODUCTS. We have MALA BRACELETS infused with it’s mantra and purified just for you. We have GIFT CERTIFICATS for any type of appointment (in person or via a web/phone connection). We have ENERGETIC HEALING & SPA SERVICES (massage, reflexology, drainage, polarity, etc). We have support and health & wellness plans just for you!!

Give the gift of Wellness & Better Health to yourSELF and to your loved ones as of NOW ❤️

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Happy Holidays Lovielies!




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Français ICI


If you are suffering or think you may be suffering from a hormonal imbalancement, please contact me for a live or web consultation at isabelle@centrenaturalhealing.com


Pour une support supplémentaire au niveau hormonal:

– Actée à grappe noir
– Fleurs de Bach
– Maca
– Vit. D
– Igname sauvage
– Plus de sommeil
– Multi-vitamine
– Fer
– Vit. B12
– Méditation
– Exercise
– Respirations profondes

Si vous eprouver ou penser souffrir de troubles hormonaux ou autres, veuillez communiquer avec moi pour un rendez-vous en personne ou via le web à isabelle@centrenaturalhealing.com

Sept 2015 Health Journal

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Hello Lovelies!

Here we are at the beginning of a new school year and fast approaching the end of summer. Did you enjoy it fully? Are you rested, full of vitamin D and ready to reach new goals?

Personally, I very much enjoyed the summer. The gardens offered us bountiful amounts of veggies, fruits and herbs. We also took advantage of the time for camping, travelling, biking, loads of baseball and installing a pool! I loved every cool and sunny day, just as much as the cool water on the really hot days! We made a point of getting our vitamin D and are completely ready to conquer new goals.

What’s new?

We now have ISA’S HEALTH CAPSULES. These are short videos offering you tips and information on different subjects all health related.

We will also offer more classes and workshops: RAW/LIVING FOODS, MEDITATION, S.E.M. (Health, Balance and Better Living), and a new course, HEALTH-CHALLENGE. In this 1 hour, 10 week class, we will conquer a new health related challenge every week.

Make sure you to give your name and preference/availability for class hours and dates for classes that are of interest to you because spaces are limited. Classes will start in the week of SEPTEMBER 21st. It is possible to have day or evening classes and we will wait for your confirmations before giving a set date and time for the classes.

Finally, if it is not already done, make sure you are registered to our BLOG and E-LETTER as to receive directly in your inbox, all my heath & wellness news, tips and recommendations!

Stay healthy and see you soon!

Isabelle xoxo

Journal Natural Healing avril 2015

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C’est officiel, nous sommes au printemps et ce n’est pas trop tôt!  J’espère que vous en profitez autant que nous!  Malgré le fait que les journées prennent leur temps à nous démontrer plus de chaleur, le soleil est tout de même présent et la terre se réchauffe.  Nous le voyons autour de nous et nous le sentons dans notre corps!  D’ailleurs, c’est un temps parfait pour faire un petit nettoyage et/ou jeûne.  Chaque année, j’en profite pour faire un nettoyage et cette année je n’ai pas fait exception.

Outre le fait que mon système se nettoie et que je me sens prête pour un bel été, il y a normalement un apprentissage à un niveau plus profond qui se fait durant ce nettoyage.  Cette fois-ci, l’apprentissage s’est fait au niveau des « listes ».  Avec les vies chargées que nous menons, les listes prennent de plus en plus d’ampleur, et je ne fais pas exception à cette règle.  Même que je vous dirais que je suis tombée dans le piège du FAIRE.  Nous sommes tellement occupés à faire, que parfois nous oublions d’ÊTRE.  En ce qui me concerne, cette saison va être pour moi, un moment à renouer mes liens avec ÊTRE.  Je vais continuer d’être efficace et d’accomplir toutes mes tâches dans le but d’avancer vers mes objectifs de vie ET, je vais prendre le temps pour ÊTRE et non seulement faire.  Ce n’est pas tâche facile d’ÊTRE, car cela signifie de ne pas se garder continuellement occupé et dans le brouhaha, mais de prendre le temps de ressentir et simplement vivre.

En plus de ce nouveau but, le Centre Natural Healing vous offre encore cette session un cours de méditation.  Nous allons profitez du beau temps pour méditer autant à l’intérieur qu’à l’extérieur et ceci en position assise et mobile.  Le cours offrira un thème différent à chaque semaine et nous comblerons l’heure avec deux séances de méditation.  Les inscriptions sont présentement en cours, alors ne tardez pas pour réserver votre place.

Dû à la grande popularité des cours d’alimentation crue et suite au bon succès du cours du mois passé, l’atelier « La Base, Outils et Techniques » sur l’alimentation crue, sera offert de nouveau, mais en anglais.  Si vous n’avez pas eu la possibilité de vous joindre à nous, vous pourrez le faire ce mois-ci.  De plus, nous vous offrons le cours sur « Les Smoothies et Autres Breuvages » (en français).  Profitez de ces ateliers pour apprendre d’avantage sur cette saine habitude alimentaire, connaître des nouvelles recettes et goûter pourquoi l’alimentation crue prend de plus en plus de popularité!  Réservez votre place dès maintenant car elles sont limitées!

Le Centre Natural Healing vous offrira d’autres ateliers et cours durant la saison estivale (Crèmes & Cosmétiques Naturels, Spa Naturel, etc.), alors souvenez-vous de vous inscrire à notre blog, pour rester à l’affût de ces nouveautés.  L’inscription vient avec un cadeau complètement GRATUIT pour vous – 30 JOURS de PENSÉES POSITIVES (pour le moment, en anglais seulement) envoyé directement dans votre boîte électronique.  Non seulement serez-vous inscrit et au courant de tous les nouveautés, vous recevrez toutes nos publications de blog, recettes, conseils santé, pensées positives, etc.

Bon printemps et à bientôt, Avec amour,

Isabelle xoxox

Need Help with Your Emotions?

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Ever wish there was something to help restore balance and order in yourSELF? Now there is!

Have you heard of Bach Flower Remedies?


After my bad ski accident a few weeks ago, I was finding it really hard to enjoy myself. It was a pretty bad fall and I was scared and even though I went back several times, I just couldn’t let go of the fear (negative emotions are funny that way). Regardless if it is fear, anger, hate, sadness, or any other negative emotion, these simple to use plants help to restore balance, mood, emotions and inner states. Mind you, they cannot offer you a quality you don’t already possess or rid you of a persisting problem. As with everything in life, you need to address your issues, apply solutions and set in place good quality habits. If you are having temporary issues however, as we all seem to have at moments, these little drops will help restore the calmness.

Balance is the key ingredient in everything. Even in emotions. If you are creating fear, you are off balance. If you are creating anger, you are off balance. If you are constantly thinking of the same thing, over and over again, positive or negative, you are off balance. The Bach Flower Remedies will help to restore that balance. They are homeopathic remedies, create by Dr Edward Bach. There are only 38 remedies because Dr. Bach believed all situations, even over the decades, always came down to the same issues. For that reason, it is easy enough to learn about the Bach Remedies and to apply them to your everyday life. If you prefer, there are therapist who have the proper training with Bach Flower Remedies and who will be able, not only to guide you, but also to create a unique treatment bottle that will answer to your specific needs.

There are basically two ways to go about creating treatment bottles. You can either go with the positive or the negative. Both should end up giving you the desired outcome. If you are just starting out with Bach Flowers, you can reach out to me to set up an appointment, and it will be my pleasure to assist you via a live or web consultation.

Start by writing down the “emotions” or “state” that seems to be troubling you. The best way to do this is by stating an adjective that corresponds to a particular emotion/state (the negative adjectives). You can also choose to write down an adjective to each particular emotion/state you wish to create and live (the positive adjectives). With this list of adjectives, an experience therapist can easily build you a treatment bottle. You can also study the Flowers yourself and create a treatment bottle on your own given you have the mother tinctures of all the flowers.


I have used these Remedies timeless amount of times not only in assisting clients towards their health & wellness goals, but also in my personal and family life. Bach Flower Remedies are safe and easy to use for just about everyone as well as on your pets and in your garden. In each little bottle, you will find a ray of sunshine and a helping hand towards are happier, healthier you! For more information on Bach Flowers or other products, please visit my English site HERE or my service site HERE. For the fully detailed Bach Flower Remedy French Site, press HERE.

For more information or to make an appointment for a consultation: isabelle@centrenturalhealing.com


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