A Bit More On Detox

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This month is all about cleanses, detox and getting in shape. Here is a little extra information on great food that will help with this process.
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Out With The Old, In With The New

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In connection with this months Health Journal (click HERE to read) on cleanses, fasting and reaching health goals, here is some information on effectively eliminating.


Since squatting in this position is not feasible for everyone, there are alternatives. Here at the clinic, Centre Natural Healing, we offer a special rounded stool that allows this kind of position, but in a more comfortable and safe manner.


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Got Iron?

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Have you been feeling tired? Over-emotional? Weak? Do you feel you have less physical strength than usual? Maybe you are bruising easily? These may be signs that your iron level is low. Lots of us are vegetarian and not fully aware of how and where to get our daily recommended dose of vitamins and mineral.

Although I do agree supplements are necessary, I am a little bit on the fence regarding iron ones. They can often call undesirables side-effects like constipation. So what can you do? There are great supplements on the market, but I much prefer to get my iron intake from plants and foods. Stinging Nettle is a great example of a medicinal plant packed with healthy and easy to assimilate iron.

Here are a few other suggestions on where you can get your daily iron.


Where do you get your daily iron? Please share your ideas in the comments below, we would love to hear from you!

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Wednesday’s Thank You

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I am so grateful for the sun and the way it brings life into everything that it touches .

Vitamin D is one of nature’s best free gift to us all. Not only is it’s most important source free, it actually makes our physical and emotional life better.


There are several different sources of vitamin D however, the most significant would be from the sun. Several people are not fond of cold winter days and spend most of their time inside. Others love being outside, but dress so warmly that there is no way for the sun rays to touch any part of their skin. For vitamin D to be absorbed the sun rays must come in contact with the surface of your skin.


If you are like most people during the winter, you will need to supplement to get your daily amount of vitamin D to stay healthy. Luckily there are several alternatives.

Winter can be physically and emotionally trying. A lack of vitamin D and/or other minerals can be the reason behind these pains. With our extensive Health Assessment, we can determine where the problems lie and present you with personalized solutions to get you back on track quickly. For complete details, please follow the LINK or contact me directly. It will be my pleasure to answer any of your questions, to serve you and to help add a little more sun in your life!

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