Wednesday’s Thank You

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At times you may feel completely cut off from the world, alone even. But know that this is a temporary situation and that your mind is playing tricks on you. Negative self talk can send you to this kind of valley. The best way to get out of there:

1- Reach out to someone for help.
2- As you wake up in the morning, state at least 10 things you are truly grateful for having in your life.
3- Go out and do something outside, even if it is cold or raining.
4- Take some time to eat a great meal.
5- Treat yourself to an activity you have been wanting to do and have not made time for.
6- Before falling asleep, remind yourself of the great things that happened during your day.

Upon waking the next morning, do it again!

I am thankful for do-overs that are offered to me as gifts and appear in the form of tomorrows! ❤️
What are you grateful for?

Can You Create It

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You are an amazing being that deserves to live an amazing life. If you can imagine it, you can create it. What do you choose?

Tu es un être merveilleux et tu mérites de vivre une vie merveilleuse. Si tu peux l’imaginer, tu peux le créer. Qu’est-ce que tu choisi?

Using Mantras

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There are many different reasons why people use mantras. The most common ones are to find balance, peace, calmness and serenity. To create this, all you have to do is mentally repeat and visualize a word or sentences that create this state of mind. These four sentences are MY favorite mantra. It has been taken from Ho’oponopono*.

* this is an ancient Hawaiian practice used to create perfect order and balance to heal a situation.
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Il y a plusieurs différentes raisons pour lesquelles les gens font l’utilisation des mantras. Les plus courantes sont; retrouver l’équilibre, là paix, le calme est la sérénité. Pour créer ceci vous n’avez qu’à répéter et visualiser un mot ou phrase qui crée cet état d’esprit.

Je suis désolée.
Je t’aime.

Ces quatres petites phrases sans MON mantra favori.  Elles sont prises de Ho’oponopono*.

*Ceci est une ancienne pratique Hawaiienne utilisée pour recréer l’équilibre et guérir une situation.

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Week 7 – 11

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For the next few weeks I challenge you to get a new hobby that is associated with movement. It can be anything from painting, to singing, to dancing to learning how to play an instrument, to cooking to typing. The goal is to get your brain working while you are in motion. ‘There seems to be a connection between thinking great thoughts and doing something with your feet, mouth or body.’ Healthy minds and healthy bodies need movement!

Pour les prochaines semaines, je vous invite à découvrir un nouveau passe-temps associé au mouvement. Cela peut être d’apprendre à faire du dessin, à chanter, danser, un nouvel instrument, faire à manger, etc. Le but est de faire fonctionner votre cerveau pendant que vous êtes en mouvement. Il semble avoir un lien être penser des bonnes pensées et faire l’utilisation des pieds, bouche ou corps. Des têtes et corps en santé ont besoin de mouvements!


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