Making It Count!

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Ouchy!! I just finished my 10 weeks of T25 Focus and started the 30 Day Shred. Wow, it is a challenge!

In light of this challenge, yesterday I shared a picture from a friend of mine, (check her out on Healthy Life in Balance on Facebook), and boy did I get a response! Thank you by the way, to all you Lovelies for your support, you know who you are.
Anyway, the reason I posted that picture is quite simple, I love to exercise! I do so, for many different reason; to feel better, sleep better, keep my hormonal system in check, stay fit and simply be a happier person.

There is really no way around it, if you want to live a great life, a life by your own terms, then health is a must! As we age, many things change (thank you Life for that!). It is true that the metabolism slows, and the body does age. HOWEVER, it is a choice to stay fit. It takes a balanced lifestyle to pull it off though.
We are talking about the food you eat, the work you do, the mindset you choose, the people you surround yourself with and of course, the everyday decisions you take.

It is a proven fact that exercising daily has a positive impact on your entire body, mind and Spirit. Not to mention, it keeps you looking great! Being fit is like everything else, it takes effort and determination, but I promise you, the results will by far surpass all your efforts as you age! So get out there, and move your body!

If you need encouragement, or help to set up some goals, then please send me a note. It will be my pleasure to help you reach your goals. I believe in YOU, because I am just like you, one day at a time, one step at a time!

Make it count!

Much love & appreciation,


Wednesday’s Thank You / Merci!

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On our great quest to a happy life, we may sometimes forget to enjoy the journey, to live full-out the little moments, to cherish what we already have that is perfect in our lives.

My Mom always told me happiness is like a bunch of grapes. Alone, it is only one little thing, but when you add it all up, you have one big happy life.

This morning as I drove into town, I felt my heart fill with joy and gratitude while listening to my son sing his heart out with the radio tunes. How lucky I was to be part of this small moment in time that meant so much to me!

What small moment are you grateful for?


Dans notre grande poursuite d’une vie heureuse, nous oublions parfois de profiter du voyage, de vivre pleinement les petits moments et de chérier ce qui est déjà parfait.

Ma mère m’a toujours dit que le bonheur est comme une grappe de raisins. Seul, ce n’est qu’une petite choses, mais lorsqu’on en ressemble plusieurs, cela crée une vie pleine et heureuse!

Ce matin, en venant en ville, mon cœur c’est rempli de joie et de reconnaissance en écoutant mon fils chanter à pleine voix avec les chansons de la radio. Comme j’étais chanceuse d’être témoin de ce petit moment dans le temps qui m’était si précieux.

Pour quel moment êtes-vous reconnaissant?

With love / Avec amour,


Wednesday’s Thank You! / Merci!

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2015-04-22 18.44.14

April is such an important month for me. Not only is the time of year when my mom comes back from her 6 month trip to warmer parts, it is also my son’s birthday. It was a very special moment for me and I feel so blessed to have him in my life! I give thanks every day that he is a healthy and a vibrant young man. My heart is filled with gratitude while I witness his gentle and kind spirit.
I know that happiness comes in what we share, and the love that we feel!

Le mois d’avril est un mois si important pour moi. Non seulement que je retrouve ma mère après 6 mois passé dans un coin du monde beaucoup plus chaud qu’ici, mais c’est aussi l’anniversaire de mon garçon. Sa naissance à été un moment privilégié et je continue de me sentir bénie de l’avoir dans ma vie! Je remercie le Ciel tous les jours pour sa santé et son enthousiasme pour la vie. Lorsque je suis témoin de sa douceur et gentillesse, mon coeur se rempli de reconnaissance.
Je sais que la joie se retrouve dans les moments que nous partageons et l’amour que nous ressentons!

Wednesdays’s Thank you! / Merci!

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2015-04-08 16.18.08

So many days we get up and go about our daily lives while forgetting just has blessed we are to be healthy and live where and how we do. I am so very grateful to have the gift of “today”. Please join me in taking a moment to recognize this and to let our heart fill with gratitude!

Si souvent nous participons à nos vies quotidiennes sans même prendre un instant pour reconnaître jusqu’à quel point nous sommes bénis d’être en santé et de vivre où et comment nous le faisons chaque jour. Je suis si reconnaissante du cadeau “aujourd’hui”. Joignez-vous à moi pour un moment de reconnaissance et laissez votre coeur se remplir de gratitude!

Courage / Le Courage

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When we wholeheartedly want something, it can be very difficult to accept if it doesn’t manifest itself or if it comes in a different form than we had expected, especially if we have invested so much. It requires much strength and courage to accept the things we cannot change as to persevere towards the things that we can.

BE strong, BE courageous and have faith!

Lorsque nous désirons quelque chose de tout notre être, est peut-être difficile d’accepter que cela ne se manifest pas ou encore, se présente d’une façon complètement différente de comment nous l’espérons, surtout si nous avions investi beaucoup de temps et d’efforts. Il nécessite autant de force, courage et volonté d’accepter les choses que nous ne pouvons pas changer, que de persévérer vers les choses que nous pouvons.

SOYEZ fort, SOYEZ courageux et ayez la foi!


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