Day 3: 8 Day Fast/Cleanse Diary

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Day 3: We are now at day 3 and I am happy to say that I have met my “at minimum 3 days of fasting” goal. I was skeptical this morning when I woke up because I was a bit tired, but as soon as I started with my meditation, I felt better. So from this point onward, it is all gravy… no pun intended on that either!

So here is what I have noticed: my skin is just beautiful. I can absolutely tell that I have not eaten anything processed. It looks the same as when I go on a raw eating diet for several days. I love diversity and when I feel up to it, especially during the summer months, I love to have a real raw diet. During winter I usually do at least one raw meal a day, sometimes more. Then there are those days that are not so perfect, but I do my best to keep my overall health in mind at all times. Being Celiac and having a son with dietary restrictions as well, requires me to stay focused on what we eat at all times. So that being said, my skin is looking clean, light and without any blemishes. As for the rest of my body, 3 pounds have come off. I have not taken my measurements yet, and will only do that at the end as weight adjustment during a fast/cleanse is simply a bonus and not the focal point.

Other than the skin, my mind is very focused and I am able to keep on track with all my goals, aside the exercise program. Which, for the moment is fine as I wanted to make sure I could go for the long haul in this fast/cleanse. Sleep is good, but the “cleansing dreams” are back. For the longest time I was having dreams that were subconsciously asking me to “release” some parts of my Being and my past. I finally was able to do that and I had been having nightmare-free sleeps. Now, it seems like the nightmares are back. So, I have started anew with taking note of the dreams, giving them a title, analyzing them and facing the situations (thank you Kim for your help and support on this subject!).

I am still using the psyllium, lemonade, vitamins and minerals. I have decided not only to cut down (as I had done yesterday) on the clay, but to eliminate it altogether and replace it with some laxative plants. It would seem that the montmorillonite clay creates constipation. I have not had to deal with this for many years now. It is so very important to have regular bowel movement during a detox and/or cleanse. It is imperative that everything the body cleanses be eliminated. This means that all excretory organs must be working perfectly and harmoniously. I am lucky because I have access to a colonic machine in my clinic, but I much prefer to have my intestines working the way they should be, and this on a regular basis of about three times a day.

It can be done… tomorrow, pursuing my goal!

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