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Hello, Hello Lovelies!

I am constantly on the lookout for new ways to relax, live in the present moment and stay centered. When I find a new idea which gives positive results, I like to share it with my friends and my clients. Sometimes, it’s Life that decides to share something new with me, which then inspires me to share it with you.

As you possibly know, global health is more than simply physical health, it is a lifestyle. This is why at Centre Natural Healing, we work on several levels during consultation and coaching. One of the ways which help to maintain inner peace and live in the present moment, is with the practice of meditation. When we meditate on a regular basis, we will notice several changes in our life. Changes at a physical level, as well as an emotional one. Meditation allows a deeper connection with our true, authentic life’s purpose. To maintain this state of mind, I offer you a new collection of jewelry. They are mala bracelets, made with semi-precious stones for their curative properties and to help you practise your mantras (a condensed formula made up of a single syllable or by a series of syllables, repeated ceaselessly with a certain rhythm, in the exercise of meditation to bring inner peace and to enhance certain positive features). These mala bracelets are hand-made, while singing a specifically associated mantra as to intensify the properties of stones. You can choose your mala bracelet by letting the colors inspire you, its mantra or by the properties of stones. You decide!

Let yourself be guided and do not hesitate to contact me if you have questions. The store will be on-line soon. Here are a few PICTURES, untill the store is on line. It is also possible to ask for a custom-made bracelet.

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