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Ever wish there was something to help restore balance and order in yourSELF? Now there is!

Have you heard of Bach Flower Remedies?


After my bad ski accident a few weeks ago, I was finding it really hard to enjoy myself. It was a pretty bad fall and I was scared and even though I went back several times, I just couldn’t let go of the fear (negative emotions are funny that way). Regardless if it is fear, anger, hate, sadness, or any other negative emotion, these simple to use plants help to restore balance, mood, emotions and inner states. Mind you, they cannot offer you a quality you don’t already possess or rid you of a persisting problem. As with everything in life, you need to address your issues, apply solutions and set in place good quality habits. If you are having temporary issues however, as we all seem to have at moments, these little drops will help restore the calmness.

Balance is the key ingredient in everything. Even in emotions. If you are creating fear, you are off balance. If you are creating anger, you are off balance. If you are constantly thinking of the same thing, over and over again, positive or negative, you are off balance. The Bach Flower Remedies will help to restore that balance. They are homeopathic remedies, create by Dr Edward Bach. There are only 38 remedies because Dr. Bach believed all situations, even over the decades, always came down to the same issues. For that reason, it is easy enough to learn about the Bach Remedies and to apply them to your everyday life. If you prefer, there are therapist who have the proper training with Bach Flower Remedies and who will be able, not only to guide you, but also to create a unique treatment bottle that will answer to your specific needs.

There are basically two ways to go about creating treatment bottles. You can either go with the positive or the negative. Both should end up giving you the desired outcome. If you are just starting out with Bach Flowers, you can reach out to me to set up an appointment, and it will be my pleasure to assist you via a live or web consultation.

Start by writing down the “emotions” or “state” that seems to be troubling you. The best way to do this is by stating an adjective that corresponds to a particular emotion/state (the negative adjectives). You can also choose to write down an adjective to each particular emotion/state you wish to create and live (the positive adjectives). With this list of adjectives, an experience therapist can easily build you a treatment bottle. You can also study the Flowers yourself and create a treatment bottle on your own given you have the mother tinctures of all the flowers.


I have used these Remedies timeless amount of times not only in assisting clients towards their health & wellness goals, but also in my personal and family life. Bach Flower Remedies are safe and easy to use for just about everyone as well as on your pets and in your garden. In each little bottle, you will find a ray of sunshine and a helping hand towards are happier, healthier you! For more information on Bach Flowers or other products, please visit my English site HERE or my service site HERE. For the fully detailed Bach Flower Remedy French Site, press HERE.

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  • Simply called food


    That is really much needed during the end of the winter season like February! Thanks for sharing!


    • Isabelle Giroux ND


      Thank YOU for sharing! You are so right, February can be a grueling month and it’s great to know that nature is there to support us wherever and whenever we need!


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