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Great Raw – Vegan All Around Red Topping Sauce!

It is by far my favorite and I have tried tons!!  It is truly simple to make, kid approved and leaves so much space to add your own dose of imagination.  I recommend you start with it as your base and allow yourself to get creative.  Add whatever it is you like best to this yummy recipe.  Personally, I am a huge fan of olives, so we often add these to our sauce.  I also like adding chili peppers or a whole bunch of ripe tomatoes.  This is a thicker sauce and can easily be diluted to make a creamy sauce.  If you are in the mood, try 1 / 3 of the sauce, 1 / 3 creamy faux-cheese and 1 / 3 tomato sauce made from beautiful, warm and fresh tomatoes.   Too yummy just to talk about… 😉

Here are the ingredients:
1/2 a red pepper
3 dried tomatoes
15 ml of dried coriander leaves (or a small bunch if fresh)
20 ml of olive oil
20 ml of water
5 ml of coconut seasoning
a dash of salt and maple syrup

Start by soaking the organic tomatoes for about an hour or so and then simply add all the ingredients to your hand blender. If you are adding tomato sauce (from fresh tomatoes), you can simply puré the tomatoes beforehand and then mix it in by hand with the Red Topping.

My very favorite is zucchini noodles with pink Himalayan salt, the Red Topping and black olives!
Ok… I’m off to make my own batch right now!



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