What can a Naturopath and Lifestyle Coach offer you?

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Are you wanting to improve your overall Mental, Physical and/or Spiritual Health?
Do you have a persistent health issue?
Do you need to set up a positive and healthy routine?
Maybe there are some goals that you truly want to reach, but don’t know how to go about it.
Have you always wanted to learn meditation or healthy eating habits?
Now is the time!

As a licenced Naturopath, Lifestyle Coach and Healer, we will create an individual and unique program specifically tailored to your needs which respects your goals and lifestyle. Your first consultation will be an assessment of your goals, followed by either a Health Evaluation or Lifestyle Coaching Session. We will determine the number of follow-ups needed, and you will be provided with a real, concrete, step-by-step plan. See below for our list of SERVICES.

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* All products and services are subject to Quebec taxes

Health Evaluation

The health evaluation consists of a comprehensive assessment of your overall health using various techniques, Chinese medicine and specialized machines.  Taking the time to set goals and know your purpose is essential to the undertaking of this process.  Following this extensive study, we will provide you, according to your goals and objectives, with advice, suggestions, therapies and follow-ups. Here is what we will do, we will;
  • Discuss your general health, allergies, your surgical history, your heredity and your pharmaceutical information.
  • Discuss eating habits.
  • Do a physical assessment.
  • Administer two tests (with your consent), one for glucose and the other to test your pH level.
  • Take your blood pressure and your pulse rate.
  • We will make a general analysis based on Chinese medicine.
  • And finally, we test the life force of your organs with an EAV (Electro Acupuncture according to Voll) machine.
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    Lifestyle Coaching

    As a coach I will offer you follow-ups, support, encouragement and motivation. We will take the necessary time to set your goals, review your beliefs and understand your purpose in undertaking this adventure. Following this extensive study, you will be provided with a personalized full program with real, concrete techniques and step by step solutions to help you in achieving your life goals.

    Naturopathy Consultations

    The goal in a Naturopathic consultation is to review your progress towards your goals.


    A colon cleansing technique used to purify, rejuvenate and bring back vital energy.  A pure, unchlorinated water system at various temperature is used.  A great way to get back to a health weight and lifestyle.

    Fasting (Cleanse)

    Fasting is a complete cessation of food in order to clean and strengthen the entire body.  To achieve full success, we integrate various therapies, specific plants and follow-ups during this period.  Centre Natural Healing only supports fasting when it is combined with modified lemonade whose main functions are to quickly and thoroughly remove all toxins found in body cells and to support the person with a minimum of calories.  For more information on fasting, please contact me.

    Prices vary according to the therapies chosen.

    Therapeutic Swedish & Polarity Massage

    This massage technique creates harmony and optimizes vital energy circulation throughout the human body.  Polarity is a gentle energy circulating between the therapists’ hands loosening any “energy knots” created by physical or emotional stress.


    A polarity treatment is a nonreactive, release technique, used to restore harmony between you and life. It is a cleansing of your aura (energy envelope that surrounds and feeds us) and energy fields and a rebalancing of the chakras (the energy ‘plugs’ of our bodies) so as to release conscious and/or unconscious blockages or traumas, thus allowing you to tap into your vital energy.


    This therapy uses reflex pressure points for organs, muscles, glands, etc. found in the palms of the hands and feet to help bring harmony to the entire body.  Maternity reflexology is also available; please contact me directly for more information on this specific type of reflexology.

    Lymphatic Drainage

    This is a slow and a gentle massage technique that helps evacuate body wastes (fats, dead proteins, water, etc.), strengthen the immune system, oxygenate and revitalize cells, bring relaxation, and maximize body energy.

    Ear Candling

    A procedure that removes excess ear wax to relieves pressure and helps fight infections.


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