Health Assessment & Services

Whether you wish to improve your overall health or to resolve a persistent health problem, you need only to turn to nature to find your answers. Following the health assessment, I will create an individual and unique program that reflects your needs and respects your goals and lifestyle.

You are consider as a whole; body, mind and soul. Nature’s five elements (fire, earth, metal, water and air) will be used to do this, as well as advanced technologies to help you regain global and total health.

– Health Evaluation

Life Coaching

– Naturopathy Consultation

– Colonics

– Fasting

– Therapeutic Swedish Massage and Polarity

– Polarity

– Reflexology

– Follow-ups

– Follow-up and Reflexology

– Follow-up and Massage

– Massage and Reflexology

– Lymphatic Drainage

– Bach Flowers and products

– Accupression point test with EAV machine

– Glycemic and urine tests (pH)

– Ear Candling



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