Strong Women

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What is a strong woman? In this day and age, a strong woman seems to be one that does it all, knows it all and who can keep it together all the time. To believe this is possible at all times is to think that pigs actually do fly.

Women have tried it all. Some have a huge career, while others choose to stay home and raise a family. All of the women I know are hard-working, determined and incredibly strong! In my definition, a strong woman lives according to her own beliefs. She honours herself, trusts and believes she is great. She is a person who creates a wonderful life for herself and, even faced with life’s difficulties around her, she keeps a tender heart.

For you my sisters, whatever your present situation, remember who you are, remember that you can create anything and remember you are strong.

I am sending you a virtual hug filled with light and tenderness, recognizing you for your strengths and your beliefs. You are wonderful, appreciated and loved!

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    • Isabelle Giroux ND


      Thank you for your comment Simply Called Food, I’m happy you enjoyed the post. From one strong One to Another! 😉


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