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Wednesday’s Thank You

Written by Isabelle Giroux ND on . Posted in Blog, Inspiration, Life Coaching, Positive Thinking


I am so grateful that I didn’t give up!

There are moments in life when challenges seem overwhelming and without any hope, but there always is. Remembering “This too will pass”, working on maintaining a positive mindset and surrounding ourselves with positive “life” creating people/situations are the best and surest ways to insure that things will get better, the fog will clear and that there IS hope.

I believe it is like planting a garden/flowers. You rarely see the results right away, and sometimes not even the first year. But if we keep the area clear of weeds and nurture it, then the following year, it is in full bloom. The secret ingredient to making it happen, FAITH…

Je suis si reconnaissante de ne pas avoir abandonné!

Il y a des moments dans la vie que les défis semblent écrasants et sans espoir, mais il y en a toujours. Se rappeler que “ceci aussi passera”, maintenir une attitude positive et s’entourer de gens/situations qui créent la vie, sont les façons les plus certaines pour s’assurer que les choses s’amélioreront, que le brouillard se dégagera et qu’il y a espoir.

Ceci ressemble à la plantation d’un jardin ou des fleurs. Nous voyons rarement les résultats tout de suite, parfois même pas la première année. Mais si nous gardons cet endroit libre de mauvaises herbe et nous l’entretenons, alors l’année suivante, ça sera en pleine floraison. L’ingrédient secret pour s’assurer que ceci se manifeste, la FOI…

Wednesday’s Thank You

Written by Isabelle Giroux ND on . Posted in Blog, Inspiration, Life Coaching, Positive Thinking, Spirituality


I am so thankful that I went with my gut and decided to keep homeschooling even after I saw my life change directions and I became a single parent.

Sometimes we are faced with challenges that we don’t think we can overcome, but with faith, patience and determination we can accomplish whatever we set our minds to. Making decisions with our “gut” and following our intuition is usually the best advise we can follow. BE strong, STAY strong and BELIEVE!

Je suis si reconnaissante d’avoir écouté mon intuition et d’avoir décidé de continuer à faire l’école à domicile même après que j’ai vu ma vie changer de direction et que je suis devenue monoparental.

Parfois nous sommes confrontés à des défis que nous ne pensons pas pouvoir surmonter, mais avec la foi, la patience et la détermination, nous pouvons accomplir tout ce que nous désirons profondément. Le fait de prendre des décisions à partir de notre ressenti et de suivre notre intuition est normalement les meilleurs conseils que nous puissions suivre. SOYEZ fort, RESTEZ fort et CROYEZ!

Wednesday’s Thank You

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I am so thankful that I have the courage to commit to the choices I have made to help make my life better. It does take courage to choose as it takes courage to commit. Choose wisely and commitment completely!

Je suis si reconnaissante d’avoir le courage de m’engager envers les choix que j’ai fait pour améliorer ma vie. Ça prend du courage de prendre des décisions et de s’engager.
Choisissez minutieusement et engagez-vous complètement!

Strong Women

Written by Isabelle Giroux ND on . Posted in Blog, Healthy Living, Inspiration, Life Coaching, Positive Thinking, Spirituality


What is a strong woman? In this day and age, a strong woman seems to be one that does it all, knows it all and who can keep it together all the time. To believe this is possible at all times is to think that pigs actually do fly.

Women have tried it all. Some have a huge career, while others choose to stay home and raise a family. All of the women I know are hard-working, determined and incredibly strong! In my definition, a strong woman lives according to her own beliefs. She honours herself, trusts and believes she is great. She is a person who creates a wonderful life for herself and, even faced with life’s difficulties around her, she keeps a tender heart.

For you my sisters, whatever your present situation, remember who you are, remember that you can create anything and remember you are strong.

I am sending you a virtual hug filled with light and tenderness, recognizing you for your strengths and your beliefs. You are wonderful, appreciated and loved!


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