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Week 14-15 / Semaine 14-15

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Week 14-15: 
Create A Major Concrete Goal requiring many incremental ones, such as running your first marathon while training to climb Denali (Alaska’s Mount McKinley). By getting out of your comfort zone, you will clear your mind of the details of everyday life, fostering new ideas and “aha” moments. We sort of trip through life doing what’s right in front of us. Most people look at mountains and think: There’s no way I can do that. These mountains are so ominous, but climbing drives home the lesson that a mountain is one big slope that requires putting one foot in front of another—just like accomplishing big goals in business can be, metaphorically speaking. Continue to find ways to get out of your comfort zone. If you go too long without pushing boundaries, you’ll get stale.

For extra goal setting support and/or a consultation, come by and visit my site at or send me a direct email at It will be my pleasure to serve you in person or via a web connection.

Semaine 14-15: Créez un But Concret et Majeur exige l’accomplissement de beaucoup de petits buts progressifs, comme courir votre premier marathon dans le but d’escalader Mont Denali (Mont McKinley en Alaska). En sortant hors de votre zone de confort, vous calmerez votre esprit des tracas journaliers, favorisant l’ouverture à de nouvelles idées et des grands moments d’inspiration. Souvent, nous parcourons notre vie en accomplissant ce qui se trouve directement devant nous. La plupart des personnes regardent les montagnes et pensent: “Il m’est impossible de grimper ça, je ne pourrais pas y arriver”. Ces montagnes sont menaçantes, mais les escalader nous démontre qu’une montagne n’est qu’une grande pente qui exige un pied devant l’autre pour la conquérir, tout comme l’accomplissement de grands buts en affaire.
Continuez à trouver des façons de vous pousser hors de votre zone de confort car être trop longtemps sans pousser ses frontières, nous rend blasé.

Ref: Success Magazine, Sally Deneen

Pour un support supplémentaire en matière de buts et objectifs ou pour une consultation, venez visiter mon site web au ou envoyé-moi un courrier électronique à Ce sera mon plaisir de vous servir en personne ou via une connexion Web.

Strong Women

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What is a strong woman? In this day and age, a strong woman seems to be one that does it all, knows it all and who can keep it together all the time. To believe this is possible at all times is to think that pigs actually do fly.

Women have tried it all. Some have a huge career, while others choose to stay home and raise a family. All of the women I know are hard-working, determined and incredibly strong! In my definition, a strong woman lives according to her own beliefs. She honours herself, trusts and believes she is great. She is a person who creates a wonderful life for herself and, even faced with life’s difficulties around her, she keeps a tender heart.

For you my sisters, whatever your present situation, remember who you are, remember that you can create anything and remember you are strong.

I am sending you a virtual hug filled with light and tenderness, recognizing you for your strengths and your beliefs. You are wonderful, appreciated and loved!

Wednesday’s Thank You

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I am so thankful for #FAITH and knowing the importance of a positive #mindset. Knowing you can means it’s halfway done. Add #action, #determination and #persistence and it will become a reality!

Je suis tellement reconnaissante pour la #FOI et connaître l’important d’une attitude positive. Savoir qu’on peut, représente un but presque accompli. Ajoute l’action, la détermination et la persévérance et cela sera bientôt une réalité!


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You might not know you can do it until you are face with it and succeed past it. The courage is there. Have faith!

Il est possible que tu ne saches pas que tu peux réussir jusqu’à ce cela se manifeste et que tu dépasses cette situation dans ta vie. Le courage is présent. Sois confiant!


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