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Loving Our Children

Written by Isabelle Giroux ND on . Posted in Blog, Life Coaching


Since the day that I’m met my son when he was born, I have been in love! Isn’t it funny how love at first sight really does exist?

One of the things that I find that I do best in my life is being a mom. It is one of the most important roles that I participate in every day and Godknow how seriously I take that gift. My goal for my son is to help him be the person that he really is. It is to teach, or remind him how to think on his own, be self-reliant, strong and gentle at the same time, kind and hard-working, creative and happy. As a mom, it is important that I know that he can take care of himself and create a wonderful life, one that reflects his goals and ambitions.


I am lucky because my son is healthy. He does have a few allergies but compared to some children’s challenges, I find his allergies to be a blessing in disguise. It makes him more sensitive, healthy and all around considerate to his and other’s needs.

I have been homeschooling my son since he was three. After my separation two years ago, I didn’t think this was an option anymore but not wanting to upset and change his whole entire life, I decided to give it my all and see if homeschooling was still a possibility. It has been challenging for sure, but I have been accomplishing this with his help. My son knows that to be able to homeschool automatically implies that I need to work while he is doing his work. He is also aware that life is much more than going to work or going to school or just playing. It is doing all that and more during the day, every day. We work hard but we also enjoy our life and live in the present moment.


I witness daily how great it is to see our children grow and become the wonderful people they are meant to be. Have faith in yourself as a parent and in your children. They are so much smarter and able then we sometimes give them credit for.

With Love & Light

Isabelle xoxox


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