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Wednesday’s Thank You

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I am so thankful that I have the courage to commit to the choices I have made to help make my life better. It does take courage to choose as it takes courage to commit. Choose wisely and commitment completely!

Je suis si reconnaissante d’avoir le courage de m’engager envers les choix que j’ai fait pour améliorer ma vie. Ça prend du courage de prendre des décisions et de s’engager.
Choisissez minutieusement et engagez-vous complètement!

Day 5: 7 Day Workout Challenge

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Day 5: Make It Happen!

Whoever told you creating your dream life was going to be easy was wrong. It takes more than a positive mindset to make it happen, it takes ACTION. If you want something to manifest itself in your life, create it in your mind first, then GO OUT and make it happen. Ask everyone that has succeeded.
BE the change you want too see on your life!

Week 13 / Semaine 13

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Week 13: Find A Role Model. We have so much to learn from our children. If you take some time to observe them, you will notice how often they mirror people that they admire, sometimes to the point of annoying them (wink). The point is, if you mirror someone that is living the kind of life you want to lead, or at least, someone that has already achieved a goal you want to create, you increase your chances of reaching that goal. Do, say, act as they do and more importantly, adopt the same attitude and commitment.

Semaine 13: Trouver Un Mentor. Nous avons tant à apprendre de nos enfants. Si vous prenez le temps de les observer, vous constaterez jusqu’à quel point ils peuvent mimer les gens qu’ils admirent, parfois jusqu’au point de les énerver (clin d’œil). Le point est, si vous mimiez une personne qui a atteint un objectif que vous désirez ou qui vit un style de vie que vous désirez avoir, vous augmenter vos chances de créer cela dans votre propre vie. Faites, dites, agissez tel qu’eux le font et plus précisément, adopter la même attitude et dévouement.

Ref: Success Magazine, Sally Deneen

Day 3: 7 Day Workout Challenge

Written by Isabelle Giroux ND on . Posted in Blog, Challenge, Exercise, Healthy Living, Inspiration, Life Coaching

image Day 3, you are doing it! I am so proud of you and right there along with you. If you are just joining us now, WELCOME to the first day of your new life! Everything is but a decision away. The toughest thing is not the doing or even the following through, it is deciding. Once you have taken the decision, really committed to it, the rest is just a question of manifestation… Meditate, visualize, affirm and DECIDE! Once you decide, anything but the manifestation of your goal is not an option. You will make it happen, if you have truly taken AND committed to your decision.

Play Back

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Did you know you are the co-creator of your life? Being completely responsible for our own life is not an easy thing to accept.

When our finances, our health, our family situation, our career and our entire life is going great, it is easy to be happy, energetic and feel like we’ve taken all the best decisions. We feel responsible and the creators of our own happiness. However, when life is not reflecting back to us what we wish to be living, we are often tempted to blame exterior factors when in fact, life is simply mirroring back to us our own negative beliefs.

To realize and accept that we are the co-creators of our life situation can be a very empowering discovery. The secret is to get over self blame and to realize how much power we actually do have over our circumstances. Often times, people let negative emotions rule them. They forget that an emotion is temporary and mostly based on what we see, hear, repeat to ourselves and feel. It is also the driving force behind every circumstance that appears in our life.

Choosing to use positive emotions to help create the life of your dreams is knowing how to use your power and knowing how to create positive emotions is key. This is a simple thing to accomplish. Just create a scenario in your head. See it, visualize details, add colours, etc. Now add sound, dialogue, music, anything that makes it feel real to you. Imagine yourself in this mental movie. Let yourself feel happy, overjoyed, healthy, whatever emotion that you wish to feel when this thought that you are creating becomes a reality. Allow the great feelings in this situation to grow into powerful emotions.

This is how you use positive emotions to create a positive life. This is how thoughts become things.
Pay attention to your words, pay attention to your thoughts and pay attention to your emotions.
Take your power back and create the life of your dreams.

Dare! Decide! Do it!

With love & light,
Isabelle xoxo

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