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Wednesday’s Thank You

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One of the biggest challenges in life is dealing with sick children. If your kids have ever been ill, or of they struggle with specific health issues, you know exactly what I am referring too. Somme people don’t really notice how lucky they are being healthy, and even more so when it applies to someone else’s health. Today, I am so grateful for my son’s health. I was able to watch him play with his friends for his birthday party and my heart was filled with happiness knowing he was happy and healthy! How are you creating health for yourself and your family?

Out With The Old, In With The New

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In connection with this months Health Journal (click HERE to read) on cleanses, fasting and reaching health goals, here is some information on effectively eliminating.


Since squatting in this position is not feasible for everyone, there are alternatives. Here at the clinic, Centre Natural Healing, we offer a special rounded stool that allows this kind of position, but in a more comfortable and safe manner.


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Prayer of Gratitude

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I now understand that the ultimate prayer of gratitude to God, Life, the Universe is living a mindful life filled with happiness, peace, joy and health.

Je comprends maintenant que la prière suprême à Dieu, la Vie, l’Univers est de vivre consciemment et rempli de bonheur, paix, joie, et santé.


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