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Day 3 – 4 of Fasting

Written by Isabelle Giroux ND on . Posted in Blog

It is done, I feel wonderful and it went so well!!

Day 3 went surprisingly well even after my huge liver cleanse of the night before. I have been fasting and cleansing for the past 20 years so all what it entails is usually no surprise to me.
Anyone that knows me, also knows how I love to try new things. Although I was a bit fearful to take on this new liver cleanse, I did it without hesitation. Can you imagine tossing down 250 ml of olive oil and grape fruit juice? Yeah, it was challenging, but luckily for me I knew how important it was to hold my nose when doing it so I didn’t really have to taste it. The thickness of the oil was plenty!!

Of course it didn’t end just there. There is an entire protocol to follow but in all honesty, I think a few days of cleansing to rid the liver and gallbladder of all it’s toxins and stones is well worth it!


This is a great picture which actually gives you an idea of how the stones circulate in the liver and gallbladder. It can be quite painful if there are some big stones but when following protocol and with the support of a natural health practitioner, you will be fine.

During the fast, it is always a great idea to receive some cleansing therapies. Massages, lymphatic drainage and colonics are at the top of that list. Usually I get at lease two colonics. This time, because my fast was shorter and following the detailed steps in the cleanse, I really did not need a colonic in the middle of my fast. I did however get a colonic before reintroducing food into my diet and another colonic one week after the fast/cleanse was done.

Day 4 was my last day and when I reintroduced food into my daily diet. I can honestly say I was in no big hurry to start eating again. I was still probably full from all that oil from the two previous nights. Upon waking, I was able to rid myself of more stones and prepare for my day. I decided not to work out the morning because I was feeling a bit more tired. I prepared more ” special lemonade”, had my colonic and started eating some red grapes around 2 pm. From there my digestive system started working wonderfully well once again and I felt rested, calm and grateful that it was done!!


Even after 20 years of fasting/cleanses, this is what you read one of the things you read your body. I think fasting/cleansing is a wonderful way to keep your entire body healthy and your mind clear. I would definitely recommend it to anyone that is not severely sick, pregnant or breast-feeding. Do make sure that you have the support of a natural health care provider to assist you in this. Although the protocol is easy enough to do on your own, you want to maximize this time to get as much as you can out of it and a coach will help you do that. As for this new liver cleanse, I think I will keep it but I will tweak it!

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Day 1 and 2 of Fasting

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Do you do cleanses or fasts? If you are into a healthy lifestyle then knowing about detox can be a plus.


Yesterday I did Day 1 of my fast. I have been doing these for about 20 years now, so fasting and cleanses are nothing new. What is new is the the experience I live each and every time. I find detox to be very much like everyday life; each one similar but with some small extraordinary differences. Each fast has been unique in its own. Some have been very physical, where I was so tired and could feel every organ of my body detoxing. Others where more emotional and spiritual. I felt it more in my Soul and in my emotions then in my body. Don’t get me wrong, each one has a physical impact and the goal each and every time is to purify the body, rid it of it’s toxins and feel rejuvenated. Plus the perks are pretty nice too (weight loss and extra energy).

Fasting is serious business and so is cleansing. I would only recommend them with the supervision of a health care professional. Besides, it’s really nice to make the best of this time; get as much cleaned and cleared out and have that extra support. This, you can only get with supervised care.

When I fast, I always supplement with herbal remedies, a cleansing lemonade (which I like to call it) and some extra health services like colonics. I usually also add in a liver cleanse and blood cleanse. If I am going to fast, I am going to get the whole deal!

So yesterday, I started it with a bang! When I went down to the clinic to get my cayenne tincture (I also make these products), the top of the jar was not fasten properly and my entire 1 liter of cayenne extract came crashing to the floor, not to mention everywhere on me and on the clinic furniture. I can assure you that this kind of tincture burns, so in a flash, the wet close come off and the cleaning began. All my products are made in 8% apple cider vinaiger so the smell of the tincture was strong! Both my son and I had little red eyes! Fortunately I was able to save about half a cup of the tincture, just enough for my special ‘lemonade’.

The rest of the day was pretty eventless. I was able to workout as planned (doing week 5 of T25) and participate in all my normal activities. I even set some time aside to cook my son a special meal and to have playtime together. No need for both of us not to enjoy great food. Mind you, I have not always been able to do this because being around food when you are fasting is tough.

Now today Day 2, I am still feeling really great. No fight with any tincture and more R & R time with my son made all of it great. I was able to workout and do my usual routine plus I have no desire for food, which is great. I have found that eating, especially over eating is a very emotional thing. When someone chooses to fast, they do it for health reasons and this will help in reducing the need for food. Luckily, my stomach is pretty much always full. It has the herbal remedies as well as the ‘lemonade’.
A bonus, I have taken off 4 pounds and I am feeling wonderful.

Tonight I am trying a new liver cleanse. I am a bit nervous because I know these cleanses can be tough. My usual one is tough, and now I am tripling the concentration of olive oil and adding a few more ingredients and medicinal plants. I know that it will all be good, but I am still anxious for it. One of my great friends said to me, ‘If it scares you, you need to do it’. So this is following your on her advise!

I will keep you posted on the outcome!

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Liver Detox

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Spring is a the perfect time of the year to detox your system and your liver is one of those muti-tasking organs that need some TLC at least once a year. Here are a few tips:


Le printemps est le temps parfait pour détoxiquer votre organisme et le foie qui est un de ces organes à multi-tâches qui travaille si fort et qui a besoin d’un peu de tendresse et d’amour au moins une fois par année. Pensez à utiliser ces produits pour le supporte dans ce léger nettoyage:
– jus d’un demi citron dans un verre d’eau chaude
– de l’ail
– l’avocat
– coriandre
– betteraves
– curcuma


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