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October Health Journal

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Hello Special Sweets!
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October…. Halloween… and more treats!

Next week, we have some new and different classes starting, don’t miss them. It could be exactly what you need to finally help you reach your goals, one week at a time. Come check us out!

How have you been?

We had such a great couple of weeks! We visited the Sistine Chapel exposition at the Palais des Congres in Montreal, which was absolutely amazing! We went organic apple picking on Ile Saint Bernard and cooked up a storm of yumminess! We also took advantage of the nice weather to get deep into cleaning the gardens and harvesting our last veggies so they did not freeze, and finally, we got back into the routine of life after our much appreciated vacation.

What is going on with you? I would love to hear from you, so please leave me your comments on my blog so I can reply.

Since it is apple season, I have added 2 reicipes for you. Let me know what you think.

I look forward to seeing you in class, sharing some one-on-one time with you or setting up some new goals to conquer.

Create a great week!

With love & light,


Journal Santé sept 2015

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Coucou Les Amours!

Nous voilà déjà au début d’une nouvelle année scolaire et approchant la fin de l’été. En avez-vous profité pleinement? Êtes-vous bien reposé, plein de vitamines D et prêtes à atteindre de nouveaux buts?

Personnellement, j’ai beaucoup apprécié l’été. Les jardins nous ont offert une abondance de beaux légumes, fruits et herbes. Et nous en avons profité pour faire du camping, voyager, faire du vélo, beaucoup de baseball et installer une piscine! J’ai aimé toutes les journées ensoleillées qui étaient plus froides, et l’eau fraîche toutes les journées très chaudes! De notre côté, nous avons fait le plein de vitamine D et sommes prêts à relever de nouveaux défis.

Quoi de neuf cet automne?

Nous avons les CAPSULES SANTÉ D’ISA. Une brève vidéo qui vous offre de l’information sur divers sujets reliés la santé.

De plus, nous offrirons d’autres cours et ateliers : L’ALIMENTION CRUE, LA MÉDITATION, LA SANTÉ/ÉQUILIBRE/MIEUX-ÊTRE (S.E.M.) et un nouveau cours, DÉFI-SANTÉ. Dans ce cours de 10 semaines, nous aurons à relever un nouveau défi qui touche la santé globale à chaque semaine.

Assurez-vous de donner votre nom et préférence/disponibilité pour les heures et dates de cours qui vous intéressent le plus rapidement possible car les places sont limitées. Les cours débuteront dans la semaine du 21 SEPTEMBRE. Il y a possibilité d’avoir des cours le jour ainsi que le soir et nous attendons vos confirmations avant de fixer une date finale pour les cours.

Finalement, si ce n’est pas déjà fait, abonnez-vous à notre BLOG et INFO-LETTRE pour vous assurer de recevoir directement à votre boîte de réception, tous mes nouvelles, conseils et astuces santé & mieux-être!

Bonne santé et à bientôt!

Isabelle xoxo

Breathing Technique de Respiration

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Français plus bas.

Did you know you can alter your body pH with your mode? Did you know you can help detox your body with your breath? Did you know that you can gain added control in any situation just with your breath?
Here is a great way to restore balance, calm and peace at any given time and situation.

Saviez-vous que vous pouvez altérer le pH de votre corps avec votre état d’esprit? Saviez-vous que vous pouvez faire un détox en utilisant la respiration? Saviez-vous que vous pouvez augmenter la matrise de vos émotions dans une situation à l’aide de votre respiration?
Voici une merveilleuse façon à restaurer l’équilibre, le calme et la paix dans toutes situations.

April 2015 Natural Healing Journal

Written by Isabelle Giroux ND on . Posted in Blog, Detox, Health Journal, Healthy Living, Raw

It’s official, we are now into spring and not a moment too soon! I hope you’re enjoying it just as much as we are? Even though the days are taking their sweet time feeling warm, the earth is still warming up.  We can tell with all the changes happening around and within us. It is actually a perfect time to do some cleanup, a detox and even a fast. Each year, I take advantage of this time to do both, and this year was no different.  

Aside the fact that my entire system clears up and I feel completely ready for a great summer, I usually learn something at a deeper level during this cleansing period.  This time, it was regarding lists.  With the busy lives that we all lead, to-do lists are becoming more and more popular.  I for one have a to-do list for just about everything in my life. I would even go as far as to say that I have found myself spending more energy in the “DOING”, then in the “BEING”.  We get so busy and caught up in doing stuff, that we may forget how important it is just to BE. This has now become my new goal, to BE.  While I will continue to have to-do lists so I may make progress towards all of my goals, I will now create the time to BE. It is not an easy task to BE, as it requires us to slow down and not be in a perpetual state of doing, but rather to take time to feel and live.  

Along with this new goal, Centre Natural Healing will be offering more meditation classes this session.  We will take advantage of the warmer weather to practice meditation inside as well as outside and in both sitting and mobile postures.  Each class will offer a different THEME, and our goal will be to explore two meditation practices during our workshop hour.  Registration is now open, so take advantage of this time to secure your spot!  

Last month we had our first raw food workshop and what a yummy success it was!  This month we are offering you the English version of the workshop: Basics, Tools & Techniques.  If you weren’t able to join us last month for this class, or if you wanted to join in but preferred the English version, now’s your chance! We will also be offering the workshop: Smoothies & More, (bilingual or French).  Come and join us for these healthy-habit workshops, learn new recipes and taste why raw eating is becoming so popular! Register now because places are limited!  

Centre Natural Healing will be offering different courses and workshops (Natural Creams & Cosmetics, Natural Spa, etc.) during the summer months, so please remember to subscribe to our blog to stay current and informed!  Registration comes along with a FREE gift to you – 30 DAYS OF INSPIRATIONAL QUOTES sent directly to your inbox. Not only will you be registered and aware of all what’s new, you will also receive our new blog posts, recipes, health tips, positive quotes, etc.


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