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Healing your Individuality

Written by Isabelle Giroux ND on . Posted in Blog, Health Journal

How are you at honouring your individuality? This is not an easy question to understand and seems to be an even tougher one to answer.

Individuality refers to the qualities that distinguish one person from another. It is what makes you unique; what makes you YOU! And to honour your individuality means to be YOU at all times, with everyone and in every situation. Not an easy task, but with practice and perseverance it can be done. If you are a person that strives to live your life mindfully, in balance and in harmony, this will be something that you will want to integrate in your daily life as a means to help you reach those goals. No one is better equipped to live your life according to your own rules than you are. This means if you listen intently to your needs and take action accordingly, while remaining true to your values, you will start living the life that you truly desire.

Some people may have trouble being themselves, others are not even sure who they really are. The only way to discover who you are is to pay close attention to what makes you truly happy. When you live, hear, see and feel something that resonates with your core values, it will leave an imprint of true happiness and gratitude within your Soul. Start from there. Allow yourself ample space to grow as an individual. At your own pace, start to say, do and experience the things that are in line with your heart’s desires. This is what we call individualizing, honouring your true self!

With practice you you will find your individuality and become the person that you are truly meant to be. You will find great joy in living each moment in harmony with your life’s mission. Believe in yourself, in your potential and in your greatness! Everyone has a right to happiness and to live their life meaningfully. It is your birthright!

HEALTH TIP: With Halloween just around yesterday’s corner, you may want to boost your child’s and perhaps your entire family’s immunity. Remember, sugars of any kind will lower the body’s resistance. You can strengthen the immune system by adding extra vitamin C, thyme, echinacea, garlic and some probiotics to your system for a week or two. Keeping an eye out for the quantity of sweets ingested is also a good idea!

Coming into the month of November means transiting from one season to another. This may cause some of you to feel like you’re missing sleep. Because the days are getting shorter and colder, it’s completely normal especially for the earth/metal element people (for more information on Chinese medicine, contact me directly for a full health evaluation). To help with the transition of the seasons, think about wearing some wool socks, a nice warm scarf, taking hot baths and adding chamomile, skullcaps and valerian to your diet. 

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Have you always wondered what a reflexology treatment is about? Or maybe you’re already a big fan but simply have not taken the time lately for a treatments. Well, November is the month to call for an appointment! With each reflexology treatment receive a FREE Rebalancing Energy and Polarity treatment. Come and experience these treatments and feel the health, tranquility and wellness set in.

What a grand class we had with spectacular participants! Thank you to everyone who participated!

You can still come and enjoy a few more classes before the end of the year. November 27, December 4 and 11th will offer three Meditation for Wellness practice classes. You can register for all three classes for $30 or simply drop in for 12$ a class. Registration for the drop ins must be done at the latest the Monday prior to the class. Because space is limited, it will be on a first come first serve basis.

Call or email me to REGISTER for the extra Meditation for Wellness classes or to set up an appointment for November; 514-893-1920 or

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