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Week 18-19 / Semaine 18-19

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Week 18-19: Get creative: When confronted with a problem, relax and think creatively about how to solve it. There is more than one specific way to be creative. You can become more creative simply by trying something new. Keeping the brain healthy may be one of the most important aspects of aging successfully. A study, published in June in the Journal of Aging and Health, found a link between a longer life and creative thinking and openness. It states that it is likely that those individuals high in creativity maintain the integrity of their neural networks even into old age. And since the brain is the powerhouse or command center for all functions in the body, there is definitely an advantage to continually exercising the brain, which is a hallmark of those high in creativity.

Semaine 18-19: Soyez créatif: Lorsque confronté à un problème, restez calme et pensez de façon creative pour résoudre le problème. Il y a plus d’une façon d’être créatif. Vous pouvez devenir plus créatifs simplement en essayant quelque chose de nouveau. Maintenir la santé du cerveau peut être l’aspect le plus important pour assurer un vieillissement en santé. Une étude, publiée en juin dans le Journal of Aging and Health, a trouvé un lien entre une vie plus longue et un esprit ouvert et créatif. Celle-ci déclare qu’il est probable que les individus démontrant un haut degré de créativité maintiennent l’intégrité de leurs réseaux neuraux même dans la vieillesse. Et puisque le cerveau est le moteur principal ou la tour de contrôle pour toutes les fonctions dans le corps, il y a certainement un avantage d’exercer continuellement le cerveau, qui est un cachet des gens créatifs.

Ref: Success Magazine, Sally Deneen

Be Clear

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Are you constantly clear in your heart, in your mind and in your soul about what it is you want to have, see, hear, create and live in your life? If you are not as focused as you could be, maybe that is one of the reasons behind the lack of manifestation in your life.
Being clear about what you want in your life IS about your “every day” mindset. Make it clear!

Wednesday’s Thank You

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Life is full of great and sometimes not so great moments. Our ability to feel all of them is what makes life the wondrous thing that it is.
I am forever grateful for emotions!

La vie est pleine de merveilleux et parfois, pas si merveilleux moments. Notre capacité à les ressentir est ce qui fait de la vie la merveille qu’elle est.
Je suis, à jamais, reconnaissante pour les émotions!

Feeling Successful

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I am so grateful… I have discovered yet another way how not to do it!!

For any of you that are in business or who are looking to reach some specific goals, you all know how life can sometimes have its own plan for us. Faith and action are the key ingredients to any success story, and even then, the result can be different from our original goal.

Often times, we may feel like we have failed, but don’t let that thought take root. Instead, take a moment to have a closer look at your results. Are they really failures or simply different from what you had planned?

Success is defined differently by each of us, and it is a combination of many small successful moments and events glued together.

Success is rarly created in a straight line, so be patient, stay focused, have faith and enjoy the journey.

Need A Mantra Today

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You are a blessing to the world and the sooner you realize and accept this the sooner your life will reflect it!

Vous êtes une bénédiction pour le monde et le plus rapidement que vous vous rendez compte et acceptez ce fait, le plus rapidement votre vie le reflètera!


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