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on line meditation

It’s time to upgrade and get with the program, and to make this a success, I need you! In 2016, Center Natural Healing will offer the possibility of taking online classes and workshops. Before going big, we are going to try it out this month and take advantage of this time to make a positive impact on humanity. So you are invited to join me on WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 16TH from 7:45 pm to 8:15 pm in a meditation session to increase love and peace vibrations throughout the world.

To participate I am going to ask you to:

1 – Donate an amount of your choice which I will completely give back to a charity which helps families in need during the holidays.
2 – You will need a gmail address to participate. If you not have one, please create one.
3 – You must send me your gmail address upon registration and accept the invitation for the on-line session which I shall send you.
4 – Finally, because places are very limited, I ask that you commit to being present when you register.

We are in early stages of this process, thus I thank you in advance for participating, and in helping me perfect this way of working. I also want to extend my gratitude for what your generosity by your donation will bring to families in need. Don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you have any inquiries and know that I am going to answer all your questions during the registration process.



Light & Love,


Breathing Technique de Respiration

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Français plus bas.

Did you know you can alter your body pH with your mode? Did you know you can help detox your body with your breath? Did you know that you can gain added control in any situation just with your breath?
Here is a great way to restore balance, calm and peace at any given time and situation.

Saviez-vous que vous pouvez altérer le pH de votre corps avec votre état d’esprit? Saviez-vous que vous pouvez faire un détox en utilisant la respiration? Saviez-vous que vous pouvez augmenter la matrise de vos émotions dans une situation à l’aide de votre respiration?
Voici une merveilleuse façon à restaurer l’équilibre, le calme et la paix dans toutes situations.

Hope / L’Espoir

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We have all had moments when we are unsure which path to follow. When our purpose somehow didn’t seem as clear. When we had doubts.
To live a life of purpose doesn’t mean that all is always peaches and cream, it often asks us to TRUST, and BELIEVE and to never, ever quit! Following your purpose, at times may seem like it asks more than you may feel you can manage, but I remind you as you review your decisions: Which decision, which actions brings you the most peace and joy?
The answer to this question is your purpose.

Nous avons tous des moments d’incertitudes de quelle direction prendre. Des moments lorsque notre mission de vie nous semble peu claire. Des moments remplis de doutes.
De vouloir que notre vie est un sens ne signifie pas que tout soit facile. Cela nous demande d’avoir CONFIANCE, d’y CROIRE et de jamais, jamais abandonner! Vivre sa mission de vie peut sembler très exigeant par moments, alors je vous rappelle ceci: quelles décisions, quelles actions vous apportent le plus de joie et de paix?
La réponse à cette question est votre mission.

Wednesday’s Thank You

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I am so thankful and grateful for peace. Knowing that my son and I are safe is a daily miracle and one that should be honoured. I have the privilege of living where there is peace and I have made it my duty to create peace within our home and within my person. Unfortunately, some of us are not as lucky. Always know that regardless of your living situation, you always have the possibility of creating peace in your mind and in your heart ❤️

Je suis si reconnaissante pour la paix. Sachant que mon fils et moi sommes en sécurité est un miracle quotidien et un qui devrait être honoré. J’ai le privilège de vivre où il y a la paix et je me fait un devoir de créer la paix dans notre maison et dans ma personne. Malheureusement, certains d’entre nous ne sont pas aussi chanceux. Sachez qu’indépendamment de vos conditions de vie, vous avez toujours la possibilité de créer la paix dans votre esprit et dans votre coeur ❤️


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