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Pretty In Pink / Belle en Rose

Written by Isabelle Giroux ND on . Posted in Blog, Healthy Living, Raw, Recipes

belle en rose

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Il n’y a rien de plus simple & sain que de manger vivant et cru. Voici une de mes recettes favorites. À servir comme petit déjeuner ou même comme belle collation crue.

Belle en Rose

250 ml de lait d’amande (ou autre lait végétal de votre choix)
250 ml de fraises (ou autres fruits de votre choix)
30 ml de graines de chanvre
15 ml d’huile de coco cru
5 ml de vanille
30 ml de sirop d’érable (agave ou 2 dates Médools)
60 ml de graines de chia

Placer tous les ingrédients sauf les graines de chia dans le Vita-Mix (ou autre mixeur) et réduire en purée. Verser le mélange dans un verre en vitre et ajouter les graines de chia. Brasser le tout avec une fourchette et réfrigérer. Brasser régulièrement pour minimiser les grumeaux et réfrigérer pour un minimum de 2 heures.


There is nothing simpler nor healthier than eating live and raw foods. Here is one of my favourite recipes. Can be served for breakfast or even as a tasty snack.

Pretty in Pink

250 ml almond milk (or other vegan milk of your choice)
250 ml strawberries (or fruit of your choice)
30 ml hemp seeds
15 ml raw coconut oil
5 ml vanilla
30 ml maple syrup (agave or 2 Médools dates)
60 ml chia seeds

Place all the ingredients except for the chia seeds in your Vita-Mix (or other blender) and puree till smooth. Pour the mixture into a glass and add the chia seeds. Mix with a fork and refrigerate. Stir regularly to minimise clumps and refrigerate for at least 2 hours.  

Merci Natasha Kyssa

Coconut, Nut And Seed Butter

Written by Isabelle Giroux ND on . Posted in Blog, Healthy Living, Recipes

Are you a nut and seed lover? Nut and seed butters are a wonderful way to get your proteins. Plus if you are careful about what is found in your food, you will love this easy, one step recipe that applies to all nuts and seeds.

Instead of running out to the store to buy one of those unhealthy nut butters or still yet, a really healthy one that is so very expensive, know you can actually transform all your favorite nuts and/or seeds into a yummy, healthy to hassle butter.

Today I chose to go with coconut. I bought a huge bag of Prana organic coconut shreds because I love it so much. Aside it being crazy yummy, here are some great benefits of coconut.

photo 2

Coconut, that’s it!
You can use any quantity you wish, just know that it will reduce as it turns into butter.


1- Add small coconut pieces or shreds into a a food processor and mix for a few minutes. Wait a few moments and mix again.

2- Be patient, it take a while for the mixture to become creamy and butter like.

3- Pour into a jar and use on EVERYTHING!!!


One small side note: because it is coconut, it will harden a bit once the mixture cools. You may want to heat it a bit before spreading. This is also why it’s so great to mix in with other nuts or some organic cocoa when mixing in the food processor. If you mix cocoa and coconut, you will get a chocolate-coconut spread that melts when you add it to a hot, organic and healthy toast!

Other ideas include mixing almonds in your food processor to create almond butter. Or how about some almonds, cashews and cocoa! Maybe some hazel nuts, cocoa and coconut!!!

Whatever you choose to mix, when you add a bit of coconut, you know you are getting something healthy!

Do you have some great nut/seed mixing combinations to share? Please comment and share below, we all would love to hear all about them!

Buckwheat Surprise

Written by Isabelle Giroux ND on . Posted in Blog, Healthy Living, Recipes


This is a great, quick, healthy, gluten-free and vegan recipe that even kids can make!

My son decided to cook for us last weekend and he wanted to try something new. So we got creative and it was sooo yummy! We called it the Buckwheat Surprise. We love buckwheat, it is such a tasty flour and it’s packed with great nutrients! Not only does it offer a great source of protein, but it has full of vitamin B6 content (the perfect vitamin for the nervous system). It also offers a huge quantity of fiber and omega 3 & 6 fatty acids. As far as minerals go, it offers 122% of manganese and 75% of magnesium per serving! No wonder it is so good for the nervous system (aka, your brain!)


Prep Time: 15 minutes (this of course is without the participating of the kids!)

Cooking Time: 10 minutes


Egg Replacer for the equivalence of two eggs (you may also want to try some grounded flax seed and water)
1.5 cups of almond milk (or the milk of your choice)
30 ml of grape seed oil
30 ml of maple syrup
1/4 cup of applesauce
3/4 cup buckwheat flour
1/2 cup cup brown rice flour
10 ml of baking powder
1 pack of Soyganic smoked tofu

1- Slice the tofu into strips as to make it look like a bacon strip.
2- Cook the sliced tofu in a skillet till brown and set aside.
3- Whisk the egg replacer, milk, oil and maple syrup together.
4- Add the applesauce.
5- In a separate bowl, stir in the flours and baking powder.
6- Incorporate the dry mixture to the wet and stir till you get a smooth texture.


7- Using the same skillet, add extra oil (grape seed or coconut are great choices) and pour a small amount of batter in. Let cook untill the mixture starts to bubble.


8- Add a strip of tofu and cover with more batter.


9- Let cook for about an extra minute and turn over.


These are great with extra maple syrup, but you can also have them with applesauce, cooked fruit, agave nectar or some vegan butter. All yummy!

Let me know what you think, I will pass your comments onto my chef!

Butternut Delight

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With this cold weather, it is so very nice to sit down to a warm, soothing, beautifully colored and delicious meal.  My favorite on a fast past day is some sort of soup.  Although it is winter, you still want to eat what is in season and root vegetables are by far a great choice.  I especially love this recipe because it is fast, easy, inexpensive, respects great food combinations, so good for you and tastes heavenly. Here is what you will need;


3 Tbs. of olive oil
1/2 of a butternut squash
1 red Onion
3 celery branches
1/2 a celeriac
4 Cups of water
1 Tbs of Miso (I use gluten-free, rice miso… soooo good!)
Herbamare, cayenne pepper and almond milk to taste.



1- Chop up the onion, squash, celery and celeriac and add them to the warmed olive oil in the pan.
2- Fry over hot stove for 3 to 5 mins.
3- Add the water and bring to a boil.
4- Let simmer for about 20 minutes.
5- Add the miso and cook for another 5 minutes or till the veggies are soft.
6- Blend all the ingredients from the soup pan, the Herbamare and pepper together until it is completely smooth.
7- Pour into warm dishes, add a touch of almond milk and parsley to garnish.

Love & Light!

The Lukewarm Salad

Written by Isabelle Giroux ND on . Posted in Blog, Recipes

One of the things I love best about this time of year are all the root vegetables that are highly available and so delicious! It’s not always easy to eat fresh, vegan and gluten-free and have something that warms up the body on these colder days.

At our house, salads have always been popular. I don’t particularly like eating them during the colder months, but since my son loves them so much, I decided to heat it up a bit!

Here was our delicious “Lukewarm” salad. Some of the vegetables in here were raw, while others were semi-cooked. By only slightly cooking the vegetables, we get to retain most of their nutrients and because some veggies were semi-cooked, it warmed up the dish making it feel nice and cozy as well as delicious.

This meal took me about 20 minutes to make and I served it with organic baked potatoes…just because I love potatoes so much!

To make this “Lukewarm” salad, you will need:

1/2 a Napa cabbage
1/2 cup Butternut squash
3 small Red beets
1 Avocado
3/4 brick Smoked tofu
2 cloves Garlic
15 ml Olive and 30 ml (or to taste) sunfour oil
15 ml Apple cider vinegar
15 ml Nutritional yeast
5 ml (or to taste) Herbal salt

1. I started by peeling and cutting the beets and cooking them for about 10 minutes. Once cooked, I shredded and added them to the salad bowl.
2. I shredded a quarter of my butternut squash and cooked it for about one minute in olive oil and garlic. I also added it to the salad mix.

3. I cut the organic smoked tofu into small pieces and fried it up for about 4-5 minutes in the leftover olive oil in the pan from the shredded squash.
4. I cut my napa, tossed it in the bowl and added the dressing.

For the dressing I added 2 quantities of sunflower oil for 1 quantity of apple cider vinegar. I topped it all off with some Red Star nutritional yeast and herbal salt to taste.

All that is left to do is mix it all up and ENJOY!!

Love & Light


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