Wednesday’s Thank You

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At times you may feel completely cut off from the world, alone even. But know that this is a temporary situation and that your mind is playing tricks on you. Negative self talk can send you to this kind of valley. The best way to get out of there:

1- Reach out to someone for help.
2- As you wake up in the morning, state at least 10 things you are truly grateful for having in your life.
3- Go out and do something outside, even if it is cold or raining.
4- Take some time to eat a great meal.
5- Treat yourself to an activity you have been wanting to do and have not made time for.
6- Before falling asleep, remind yourself of the great things that happened during your day.

Upon waking the next morning, do it again!

I am thankful for do-overs that are offered to me as gifts and appear in the form of tomorrows! ❤️
What are you grateful for?

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